Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The wild truth

                                                                               Attribution: Pengo
Image: The Truth Window
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Gnawing at one’s conscience
Not wanting to forget
Not just yet

But it’s been building up slowly
Strongly by the day
Every which way

Time to make amends hold it by the horns
Ask for the reason why
Look it in the eye

Answers aren’t forthcoming, why this is so
Was it too entrenched?
Let’s take aim

Never to provoke a bear in hibernation
Not to poke a bee hive
So  learn to survive

A strong boost
It's not a ruse
Make the most
Nothing to lose!
The wild truth!

Written for Kim's hosting at Poets United, Verse First with prompt – The wild truth


  1. Conscience will always answer our questions and they are all true...nice take...

  2. Hank....I think one reaches a point in life where one realizes that it is the best thing to make amends. Not always easy, but important.....not only for the other person, but specifically for oneself. We need to be honest with ourselves and other important people in our we can. Strong poem, Hank.

  3. Some good advice there - especially never poke a beehive. I take that to heart as I am LIVING in one right now! Great write, kiddo. Great truths.

  4. smiles..i like your wild truth hank...i think that sometimes we do have to poke our truths a bit to make sure they are wtill wild and living in us...really cool write man...

  5. Hank, that picture blew me away. Loved your internal rhyme of poke/provoke, very clever! And yes, poking our perceived truths (not in the eye) is very healthy. Like a reality check.

    So glad you commented at Sharp Li'l, honey. Peace, Amy
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  6. Very well said! Nothing to lose and the entire thing read in one piece about the one where nothign is there to lose, absolutely!

  7. That picture is so curious I really like it! This is gorgeous and the truth is wild, life is one helluva a ride

  8. I like your bear and beehive metaphors.

  9. Sometimes we want answers and sometimes it's best to let the bear rest!

  10. Give the bear a poke? On you he may choke. haha yeah have to take a look at such truths

  11. /Time to make amends, hold it by the horns/ I like this line, it is the meat of the poem and a great metaphor.

  12. Hank,

    Even the best of us might have an internal bugbear to spit out at some point...Trying to carry a heavy weight can make for a tired life. The truth helps to make the load more bearable, one hopes:)


  13. hank,
    I love your rhyme and stanza selections. I really like the introspection that takes place throughout the piece. This is a fabulous contribution to Verse First!