Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adam and Eve

                                                                               Attribution/User: Yann
Image: Why Adam Sinned, A 1904 Sheet Music Cover
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Note: Jabal ar Rahmah ( Mount of Mercy) where it was believed Adam and Eve was
reunited after their wanderings. Spinsters have been known to pray there in the hope of
being rewarded with a man of their dreams.

Therein Adam and
Eve, Man and Woman destined
to create a lineage

Succumbed to the snake's
guiles, whence united at the
Jabal ar Rahmah

What would the outcome
be if bite of the apple
had not been taken

Humankind within
Heaven's gates still wallowing
in all luxuries?

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #191 with prompt The Lovers (VI) Tarot


  1. just imagine how fat and lazy we would have been was heaven...and we still needed something that is completely human...i am sure we would have found another way

  2. A very different take on the prompt. Nicely done!

  3. Humans always looking for more, seems to always be the way

  4. I like the idea of reuniting.....a great question: What if...?

  5. I once wrote a song about exactly that question, What if..." and came up with this:

    If the apple had not been taken, Adam and Eve would not have been thrown out the garden, humankind would never have really started, flawed as we are. Moses wouldn't have wandered 40 years, the Torah would never have been written, and, for Christians, "We'd never have known/Never been shown God's son."

    See, this all works if we accept the premise of Adam and Eve, but for me, it's a way of explaining Creation during a time when they didn't even know that men's X or Y was responsible for determining the gender of the child... you know what I mean, I'm not a Bible literalist! But I am a pastor's wife, so go figure. We're way liberal, I guess... thanks, Hank! Amy

    1. Invariably we fall back on logics to counteract or even question the origin of Man from the Book and we still get questions unanswered. We take a liberal view as opposed to the strict religious views. It boils down to beliefs. The believers of whatever creed sticks to their version. Only a fanatical few tries to impose their will on others that create problems for everyone else!


  6. Yeah that might have been the case, but I prefer this worldly life with all its ups and downs :-)

  7. How is the saying ... an apple a day keeps heaven away???

  8. adam sinned
    not just for any apple
    the apple of his eye


  9. I've often wondered this myself, seems the fall was inevitable.Nicely done!

  10. I love old sheet music - what a find

    Your history intertwined well with the thoughts of what might have been

  11. For everything that happened, it was the Will of the Almighty who is the Creator of the Universe and the heavens above. Thus we are where we are now.

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