Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Authority Stifled

                                                                                                  Attribution: KevinB

Image: A K9 SUV Vehicle
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Wearing a badge of authority
Not wanting to appear inhibited
He weaved his way in the cool of the night
Seemingly doing the job of an enforcer
He tried his best to forget his inability
To haggle for a more meaningful beat
But his liability kept rearing its ugly head
Earlier in the week he growled  at some people
He bared his fangs, they backed off
They came with complaints
But given the bad reception
They sheepishly left

He was reprimanded by his superiors
He was told to be more courteous
For which his freedom to function was curtailed
Those in the department ought to be exemplary
He was told in no uncertain terms

It darken his future, his authority diluted
He was left  to salvage his pride alone
He barked his frustrations across the divide
He could see his lot having to take orders
Where often times he had to work fast
His inability to stamp his independence
Was  thwarted by not having the leeway
To act on his own initiative
His opinions were stifled
He was on leash all the time

A handler by his side
The life of a K9 police-dog

Written for 3WW with words badge, darken and liability and shared with Kim's
hosting at Poets United Verse First with prompt  - freedom to function


  1. smiles....i think you meant leash there toward the end...the life of a pups...confined to our whims...they do great service though, saving lives...most of the officers i know that have them take great care of them as they are their partners...nice reveal in the end as well...smiles.

    1. Thanks Brian, had it corrected.


  2. Really enjoyed this, nice to see these faithful, intelligent animals receive some acknowledgement for all they do.

  3. I LOVE it that this turns out to be a canine police dog. Not much freedom, for sure. They do such wonderful work. Thanks for this, Hank. It made my day.

  4. thought so. wonderful tribute to K9 dog.

  5. I didn't get the point of view until the end, which I think was your intention--to let readers know the working dog thinks like a worker? If so, it worked.

  6. I'm glad to be reminded of these workers and their service.

  7. Wow, Hank. What a cool perspective.....and in the end to find out you were talking about a canine makes me WOW even more.

  8. I liked the ending - thought it was heading somewhere dark, so was glad to see the speaker was the K-9! I might decide when I take my dogs out for their walks, but I'm pretty sure they are leading and I am just the " handler by his side"!

  9. We are all writing about dogs this week I see. Like Mary I did not realise until the end. They make good soldiers and drug detectors. We never hear of how many of them actually get killed in wars!

  10. He just needs more training. He'll get the hang of the job eventually. Unless he bites someone. Then it's all over.

  11. Wow, Hank, you had me going right to the end! Very clever take on the K-9 officer... at first, it was shaping up to be a vampire cop, oy vey! Nicely done, Hank. Peace, Amelita

  12. oh! a tough job really and loved this for clubbing of two prompts.

  13. ...ha, loved it... i had completely different assessment in the beginning and reading that concluding part just put me right on the track... clever Hank... always not so good to be restrained... smiles...

  14. They are really are great part of the force, more clever than many humans sometimes

  15. Dogs help a ton, nice twist at the end, never though about it until then.

  16. Hank,

    This was wonderful, as you had me 'hooked' into the storyline and surprised by the intelligent thoughts, of a faithful K9 companion!!


    Thank you for your kind visits to my Blog Hank. Much appreciated:)