Tuesday, May 21, 2013


                                                                                Attribution: Korian
Image: Tulips in the Garden
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Note: Tulips are edible (see here)

Does one ever realize it
The wonder of  flowers
The appeal is explicit
To many of our senses

It’s sweet and aromatic
A base for perfumery
Aroma by name specific
Supporting an industry

Its appeal to sight
Of brilliant colors
A darling of right
For palettes and cameras

Taste is another factor
Busy bees able to confirm
In their quest for nectar
A life giving form

Taste is not confined to bees
Humans take to consume
Tulips among others is believed
As edible and can be taken

Not forgetting the feel
To touch and savor its body
Delicate but a kiss can seal
Any mishandling impropriety

What if the world is devoid of flowers
It would be just greenery without colors

Written for Joe's hosting at d'Verse OpenLinkNight #97


  1. The garden and world would be duller without the brighter blooms from tulips and flowers ~ I can't imagine eating them though ~

  2. how sad a world it would be without all the color that flowers bring...and the scents for sure...love some of that nature perfume...smiles...never tried eating a tulip...hmmm

  3. I can appreciate them indeed, but no green thumb at my feed

  4. I hate to think of a world without flowers and I really enjoyed how you remind us of all the ways they please the sense, Hank.

  5. I love tulips (in fact they are my favorite flower), but I don't think I could eat one. Life would be dreary without flowers.

  6. I didn't know that tulips were edible--beautiful piece!!

  7. Just beautiful, Hank.
    Without flowers it would be a much more dismal world!
    I love tulips too... In fact, my middle dog is named Tulip!

  8. Hi Hank, beautiful-- just like the flowers. Would really miss flowers they are one of my favorite things and always make me smile. Love how you linked all the perspectives on a flower together :-)

  9. Hank,

    Another wonderful piece..tulips are beautiful..I recently went to a tulip festival and the park was beaming with various hues of this flower.

  10. A wonderful post with a new take on "missing"...
    Excellent profile on the tulip and I learned they are edible.
    Most of all, I was struck by how the world would be without the color of flowers...indeed it would be a huge loss.
    Thank you...

  11. ...to live with greenery is good... but with the greenery alone it is no different in a scene in winter --- dull and empty... the varied colours we see everyday are what gives life more happy & interesting to live with... smiles...

  12. I like how the touch and kiss heal any mishandling ... Greenery is good too--I love how flowers and other colorful things love visiting it every year.

  13. I nearly go insane during the winter without flowers that I would hate to think about it.