Monday, May 20, 2013

The 'Keeper

                                                         Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Happy as a lark swooping and gliding
The morning sun a partner all day in play
Of all kinds and sizes enjoying the morning
All day all night shrieking without a care

Such is life outside so free without restrictions
The  eagles and hawks surveying the horizon
The migratory birds and sea-gulls in abundance
But not of the light-house keeper a lone occupant

The beginning of today is akin to yesterday’s dawn
So it’ll be for the rest of the day morning till dusk
By extension it is no different the whole of the month
The uneventful life of a lonely soul then and in the past

No ordinary folk can match the dedication
A responsibility of a true mariner’s portfolio
A lonely life all alone and one of deprivation
Taken for granted for which not many may know

The swaying of the dandelion in the light breeze
Is the only living thing within the keeper’s reach

Written for Tess' Mag #169 and shared with Poets United, Poetry Pantry #150


  1. Ingenious and sensitive tribute to the lighthouse keeper. Well done.

  2. Able to see both forward and back, this avle seeman , watching relentlessly those poor souls who fail to realise, lighthouse means " keep away" . Cheers Hank, this really set me going, as all good art must

  3. nice...interesting live alone in a lighthouse must take dedication...but also humility...putting the lives of others over your own, for their know....

  4. Excellent, the last line, loaded with implications, speaks volumes.

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  6. Yeah...a very good perspective here. The last couplet is a clincher.

  7. I like how you took us inside the lighthouse for a different view.

  8. Would be some kind of dedication indeed, seeing out and helping all

  9. Hank, I love the way you wrote from the lighthouse keeper's perspective ~~ perfect.

  10. I often thought about what it would be like to be a lighthouse keeper. You've definitely painted a vivid and realistic picture, loneliness would be a heavy burden. Beautiful poem!

  11. Nice, and I like the way you ended it, too.


  12. Hank,

    Another great one..adore the eagles and the hawks.

  13. I love the sense of isolation you give us here ... it was a truly lonely job being a lighthouse keeper ... and took a special type of personality.

  14. Now I no longer have to envision the Keeper's life..tomorrow and tomorrow...loneliness rising...

  15. Beautiful Hank! I love this one and the ending, really touching~

  16. quite a take on a life otherwise lonely! I did read this piece and left a comment too, wonder where it vanished! glad to be here again!

  17. ...i loved this Hank... so many accounts in life you have gently addressed with the dandelions... ah, really beautiful! smiles...