Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fruit Gatherer

                                                                              Image by Mary Cassatt, 1892
Image: Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge
Source: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

The fruit of knowledge is stuck all over
The fruit gatherer is the one who is observant
In picking out what she sees are better
Though sometimes may not be that relevant

But just the same she picks them up anyway
The kind of knowledge may not be needed then
It does not really matter, just pick them up everyday
To store away for use for later events

The danger is when she moves around with eyes shut
Not knowing or bothering either way of things around
It’s regressive for to progress on is not to end up a dud
Losing out on knowledge that are likely to be found

Not unlike a zombie or an uncaring robot
For she is a thinking and functioning being
If only she makes it a point to walk about
With eyes open, sensitive to what she’s seeing?

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales #167 and shared with Kerry's Real Toad's Open Link Monday


  1. I think many people would do better if they walked around with 'seeing eyes', as opposed to only open ones...

  2. "Losing out on knowledge that are likely to be found"
    This line is just awesome, filled with ironies, fear, happiness..

  3. Excellent work and cool how you combined the two prompts.

  4. Great opening line and liked the way you explored the concept of choice. You made me think.

  5. The last stanza is just so true.
    We should think about what we see and question the reality :)

  6. More people do need to open their eyes and gawk about, instead of walking all zombie like

  7. if only we all walked about eyes open and sensitive to what we were seeing instead of zombie-fied....

  8. Makes one wonder ... how much wisdom, knowledge did we miss along the way.

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  10. Walking around with eyes closed is like close-mindedness. Your words are so true.

  11. Open-eyed and open-minded, whether gathering fruit or living everyday're right, Hank.

  12. eyes, ears and brain wide open!Excellent!

  13. First comment did not take. Is it me, or does it seem Mary Cassatt may have had a different agenda? I know this is a stretch for this 1860s or so, but this woman looks like a man in women's clothing, as though "with eyes open" takes on a new meaning?

    Or am I just too involved with my LGBTQ Ally activism? Either way, a heck of a poem, Hank. Loved this. Amy

    1. You've taken a good cause to contribute your expertise. A noble cause is always an honorable venture. Keep at it Amelita!


  14. You are so right! Best to keep our eyes open and observe even if the knowledge gained is not needed right away!

  15. yes.keeping one's eyes true.

  16. This is a fascinating interpretation of the artwork.

  17. I completely agree with you =) This is a fantastic philosophical poem!

  18. I think all your points are very salient to our great human drama, cheers Hank

  19. Your poem reminds me of a loved poem "Light in the Orange Tree" - visible easily to a child and yet the adult can only see "just a tree". Beautiful!

  20. Excellent observations, Hank...