Friday, May 31, 2013

Tunnel of Love

(Image Via Photobucket: vivianandrea22)
Image: Courtesy of Real Toads

It leaves one full of envy
Encroaching the tunnel of love all green
And with that strange air of mystery
Walls covered with moss and lichens

Tracks leading to hopes and visions
Of couples bent on joint success
Is forever open to aspiring innocents
Readying themselves to happily access

The life of a loving couple with all ramifications
Many will make it together sans difficulty
And the risks inherent in all permutations
But  some few rudely discover a partner unworthy

That is life a blend of good and bad
Forever twirling  the wheel of fortune
On pivots well balanced tacitly made
For  two hearts to elucidate their eloquence

Written for Hannah’s hosting at Real Toad’s with prompt - hungry eyes


  1. A fine point of balance held in that close, Hank...I enjoy your take on this...relationships in all their variable facets.

    Thank you for writing!

    1. And thanks for hosting Hannah!


  2. ... usually "success" requires a lot of bending and swaying - give and take. I like your line "Is forever open to aspiring innocents". Yes, most of us start out that way.

  3. Yes, life is forever twirling the wheel of fortune. Such a beautifully eloquent piece!

  4. nice...i like the leaves full of envy...great opening to this one the tracks to hopes and dreams of the couples as is a blend of good and bad...and the strong will stick together and see it through...

  5. You're so right, Hank, "forever twirling the wheel of fortune"!

  6. I guess all lovers are on a dubious track, never sure where they're going or what lies around the next bend. We persist on trust alone.

  7. .. 'tracks leading to hopes and visions' ~~~ your poem is a lovely depiction of the image.

  8. The wheel can sure be fortune or not, guess we just have to spin to find out

  9. Yup, I relate to the wheel of fortune! Well said, Hank!


  10. Mostly, we come together with idealistic visions. I think it takes flexibility and willingness to listen to find the balance we seek in our relationships.