Thursday, May 30, 2013


                                                                                        Attribution: Harald Hoyer
Image: Seychelles Dreams
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

An extension of the imagination
Registers its presence in the nights
Not wanting to show its true colors
But rather flashes of staccato bites
Emerging for a split second or longer
Then disappears into Davy Jone's locker

Can one believe dreams that appear
foretelling of what’s coming in the future
But why must the images emerge
And then wrecking, inflicting damage
Causing havoc in the minds of the lost
Playing tricks to test the human resolve!

A good dream is a bonus for good living
Bad dreams are the aftermath of bad intentions
Getting mixed up juxtaposed in lots of misgivings
Prodding the human self in torrid simulations
In classic fashion and in myriads of colors
In the realms of the subconscious 

Written for Mrsupole hosting at Theme Thursday with prompt - dreams


  1. i think there are things we can learn of dreams though we have to make sure we read them well and not assume they are telling us only what we want to know...smiles.

  2. that good dreams/bad dreams start to the last stanza is spot on too...


    #1 booyah

    1. Good for you, Brian
      Returning the favor
      For I also triumphed
      #1 at your 'watercolor'


  3. Creams sometimes can be premonitions too....good or bad, they take us far away from real world...

  4. Some dreams are weird indeed, others can relate to many things in life, coming true or making one paranoid to avoid. And pfffft to Brian waving lol

  5. I love interpreting dreams. They always seem to have some cryptic message.

  6. "By why must the images emerge/And then wrecking, inflicting damage" these, by far, are the most striking lines of this piece. Nice write.

  7. Those who dream in the broad daylight belong to a special group hoping to escape from reality.

  8. I love
    "staccato bites" I have dreams about death and crossing people over to the side, tough emotional dreams but they do end with light

  9. i love my bonuses :)
    enjoyed every line here,Hank

  10. It's those dreams that get stuck in the locker that nag at me. I'm always trying to remember just what they were.

  11. Thank goodness I rarely remember my actual dream but I do seem to remember how it made me feel so I can totally relate to what you wrote about them sometimes causing havoc. And when I am having a good dream then I just want to go back to sleep and keep the dream going which almost never happens. It is as if that dream is gone forever and I have to start a new one.

    Thanks for sharing such a great interpretation of dreams with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope your week is filled with lots of good dreams.

    God bless.