Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lure of Wealth

                                                                                       Author: Lairich Rig
Image: The Early Desolation Typical of a Construction site
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Truckloads of sand transported
A determination well exhorted
Across the beaten tracks destined
For one man to stamp his dreams

A plot of land in the city limits
Of boisterous youngsters who forfeit
their time to share with friends
Now faced with land laid barren

First phase of plans now seeing reality
Pushing his luck in keeping with a fraternity
A developer bent on meeting a quirk of a decision
Of a partner in trade, the greedy politicians

For all to view to a build up of infamy
Of unscrupulous elements bent on money
At the feelings of loss of the community
Of a park deprived, loss of greenery

Written for Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #151


  1. Always the way, greedy arses have their say and no room to play.

  2. land grabbing is very much part of every political party , be it any country..people have no choice but to accept what is there.

  3. The lure for wealth is unstoppable. Human greed can only grow.

  4. In the town my mom lives they are frequently starting construction projects destroying parks, woods and then due to bankruptcy they abandon the projects and never remember the damage. It breaks my heart.

  5. How sad to see the loss of greenery, Hank ~ Greed is never ending amongst us ~

  6. I live in a small village that once had pastures and forests separating me from the city. It is amazing how quickly it disappears and the city is now close to my door. At least there are still peaceful country roads close by as well, for quiet strolls and leisurely cycle rides.

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  8. It happens so often, and is terrible.

  9. a bit sad when they take out the greenway to put up more houses...esp when so many sit empty waiting to be sold...they are doing this a bit in our town as well...

  10. So sad, All of the beautiful orchard land I biked thru as a kid now sprout endless miles of condos............great write, Hank!

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  12. That is very sad....we need parks and green. I hate the destruction of these GREEN spaces to BUILD something we probably don't even need.

  13. A Rant Which Is Highlighted By The Ending Half Rhymes Leading Up To The Final Pitch.

  14. You are right . It all boils down to greed and avarice...everything they build is soulless and ugly.

  15. What a clear and moving statement about the loss suffered in the race for money--

  16. Sometimes I feel that way about developments, especially those in my mother country. Big business buy people out of the only lots they have so that the corporations could make their gigantic structures. It is worse when some rules have been stretched to accommodate some business or political whims.

  17. Can relate to this as I watch my town grow (into a dormitory) at the expense of the countryside.

    Anna :o]