Monday, May 27, 2013


                                                              Attribution: Edited by Durova
Image: Tainted Scale of Justice
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Judgement is a stand
after analysis of
all evidences

But emotions can
cloud and color unbridled
judgement, is it fair?

Can we take the word
of one who is human and
open to weakness?

With clear precedents
justice is infallible
Not too much to ask?

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #206 with prompt - judgement shared with Kerry's hosting of Real Toad's Open Link Monday


  1. Not sure... it might just be a tad too much to ask. Great examination of a vital subject, though.

  2. Yeah it is a hard one, as so many factors play in.

  3. if we can not take the word of one that is human, what have we? a world without some form of trust would be a very sad place indeed...though it is surely a risk...

  4. justice is just a word these days and many a few can actually get it.

  5. Precedents are just as much a part of our law as the stututes in the English Commonthwealth Law countries (U.S.A. is one), Hank. You've got it right. Of course our legislature or even the president can create a law that will override the Common Law of precedents.

    Nice poem, I would never have thought to go the way you did. Very creative, you. :)

    1. Thanks Dr Jim! Justice by itself is an honorable thing. The justices mete out verdicts true blue to address the issues. Of late there were instances not just of miscarriage of justice but blatant disregard to norms of fair-play. These are partly prompted by political interference, sympathies for political leanings or just plain money gains to those on the bench. It's the disregard to precedents which an ordinary guy on the street can discern that put decisions into question. How sad!


  6. I'm not sure there is justice to be found in our land. If you are rich and famous and white, it is a different justice, therefore is there justice at all?

  7. there's no system that's full proof. there are too many miscarriages of justice all around to trust any system entirely.

  8. An interesting take on an age-old question, Hank. Well done.

  9. Great job! I don't think any system of law could ever be foolproof

  10. Justice is of course always relative... and personally I believe in humanity and compassion more than justice... but that's my view.

  11. What would be the alternative? Justice isn't perfect. Balance is an ideal, the aim is to always be fair or right. The aim is to strive for balance because it is all we, the imperfect can do.

  12. Interesting topic, Hank. You give us lots to think about. So much room for improvement but, sometimes, hopefully, justice is served.

  13. We have so many questions, don't we. Hard to come up with the answers sometimes.

  14. Oh, don't get me started, Hank! The activist in me is always seeing whether the scales were EVER truly balanced. In these days of DNA and all, people can still plant evidence.

    Love the spirit of your poem. And yes, I'm afraid it is too much to ask. No human being can leave their emotions out of any situation, no matter how hard they try to be impartial.

    GREAT meditation, Hank. Amy