Sunday, May 12, 2013

Come what may!

The dreamy faraway look
attesting to something that 
is on his mind. What can be  so damning, 
so worrying, so as to put brakes
on his attention span
He is determined to let bygones be bygones
It is not to cause him to
lose sleep. It wore him off before but not this time
By now he can already anticipate
Come what may!

But what is eating her
There are times he asked himself
Can he go on like this?
He is short of revealing the episode
But it is not him to rekindle the old hurts
The old wound might just fester
and get out of sync
It had involved third parties before
Those dear to his heart
He can't afford to extend the reach
There must be a finality
Come what may!

Written for One Single Impression #272 with prompt rekindle and Carry on Tuesday #205 Come what may


  1. Yeah some things can sure weigh heavy, but the sooner we learn to let come what may the better our day.

  2. wow quite the tale you spin hank....relational stuff is always heavy...and its best to deal with those emotions so we can get beyond them...if we can...

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  4. Ah, life intrudes always. How heavy they weigh is up to us. great write.

  5. Come what may, it probably is better to find a way to finalize the pain.

  6. Nice write, Hank. I sometimes think about going along
    these lines. But my stopping is the same as your guy's.
    It just isn't worth reviving the pain.

  7. So many of us can relate to your poem. Sometimes old memories and mistakes can infiltrate our thoughts but we must power through, come what may! Nicely written.

  8. Ultimately, there is only one choice, we must go forward with life, no turning back... come what may. Very thoughtful piece!

  9. Good combination. Forgive and forget is my motto!