Monday, May 20, 2013

Layers of Flow

                                                                                    Attribution: Paul Anderson
Image: River Tame in Full Flow after Heavy Snowfall
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

The layers of wellness rightly transformed
Pandering to the whims of a kind soul
Paving a flow of goodness with a penchant
For the well-being of a loving couple
A flow that fulfills the yearnings of a heart

A paragon of honor extending an olive branch
Hunger of a kind slaving for a morsel of truth
What can the response be if not one so blunt
Of a somber disregard yet one ever so smooth
A flow that yields a rhapsody of brilliance

Can one be expected to solicit for sympathy
Lest one is snubbed for being overly lavish
Let the truth be stamped with words of solidarity
Soothing the wild feelings contrary to one’s wish
A flow that tugs at the turbulence of tyranny

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  1. Some great thoughts indeed at your feed, snubbed all are from those afar, sometimes just because, can create a buzz.

  2. nice..i like your different layers of flow here...the blessings it brings and in the last stanza the controlling the flow as well so that it doesn't cause damage but unfolds its wild beauty in channeled paths..

  3. I like the ending of flow in each stanza ~ The best flow is one of goodness despite the challenges around us ~

  4. Wonderfully spiritual and hopeful. I read your poem as a love lettr to those who truly try to practice lovingkindness. Ty.


  5. A flow that tugs at the turbulence of tyranny
    flow that fulfills the yearnings of a heart
    Very beutifully expressed...

  6. ah i like your layers hank....and i will def help pull on that last one...smiles....agree as well with grace, letting goodness and love flow the most...

  7. "A flow that yields a rhapsody of brilliance"

    Herein lies the image for me. Thanks for the read.

  8. A beautiful flow of words, Hank. I love rivers.

  9. Very deep and beautifully written.

  10. Hank, this is beautiful....especially the last line in each stanza. A brilliant write!

  11. I enjoyed how your poem pulls us in different directions like the currents of a river. Nicely written.

  12. This reminds me of a quote from Scripture, "...and justice will flow like a mighty stream." The characterizations of the water's flow, excellent metaphor, each and every one. Hank, you nailed it, and I also loved the sepia (or is it just muddy?) river. Thank God we got enough rain in the Midwest to get crops going, even though some places it was TOO much. Peace, friend. Amy

  13. Wow. Such deep thoughts and brilliance metaphorically and literally in your writing.

  14. The young googoo-eyed couple married into bliss that doesn't always stay this way. Will they stay married? Seems more take than give here. Nicely written, Hank.