Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Choice?

                                                                                          Author: where is..
Image: Demonstration and a protest.
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

On his own volition he left them
He had debated the various issues
He just could not reconcile his conscience
Tried as he did he questioned his dues

In the face of and against all norms
With a heavy heart he walked on

It was already a week into submission
It tugged at his person, was it fair?
What about the others in the coalition
He did not keep track he was not aware

He did not care as it wore off his energy
He gave his all why must they be so edgy?

It was a long while that he wracked his mind
On reflection, in all velleity he softened his hard-line
He thought of giving in to knock at his stance
He might when he could counter his firm stand!

It was a long haul but let it be he eventually decided
In the first place they should not have been one-sided!

Submitted for Anna’s hosting at d’Verse, Meeting the Bar:  volition and velleity


  1. Aha! Much faster to judge and withdraw than t compromise and rejoin. Isn't this always the way pride or laziness intervenes?

  2. sometimes you must make those decisions...take a stand when no one else will...and even if no others will stand with you...if we are truly convicted of it...true, that.

  3. it can be a lonely place sometimes if you stand for what you think is right...kudos to everyone who's brave enough..

  4. Standing firm is sometimes needed... and as long as one can be graceful in victory, that's how you win a war and not just the battle... :-) great write

  5. You live in Malaysia... the consequences of speaking out may be more serious than those of us who live in the west.People who speak out in your country have to be very brave and certain.

  6. It can be a lonely place to be, but I'd rather stand my ground than lose integrity (I didn't mean that to rhyme).

  7. A stand must be taken at some point, even if it gets all others nose out of joint.

  8. to do or not to do; to be or not to be! haunts!

  9. Confronting the prompt directly as you do is something of an illustration of your subject matter.

  10. Sometimes, we just must stand our ground it is our voice that needs to be heard.