Friday, August 7, 2015

why all others are swaying?

                                                                        Attribution: Mario Antonio Pena Zapateria
Image: Drunk on the Grass (here)

Yokkoto ga hazukashīdesu tomodachi to yoyyō ni kōdō
shimashita watashi wa nani o nomimashita ka? - miruku
ashamed to be drunk
acted like a drunk with friends
what did he drink? - milk!

Hōmu yokkūru o arukimasu shikashi, naze, subete
no taki no yōna hokanohito ga yurete imasu ka?
walking home drunk cool
like waterfall but why all
others are swaying?

Anata ga kiniitta riyū dorinku wain sake no mae ni.
Tashika ni, watashi chōdo Furansu kara kaette kimashita!
why drink wine you liked
sake before. True, but I
just came back from France!

Note: Google translate for you - wonder if it makes sense to our Japanese bloggers!

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Encore #11 - drinking friends (humor)
(to emulate Basho to spice up the haiku with humor)


  1. Very cool Hank...I enjoyed this and now you also inspired me to write something new! ;)

  2. Wow! Cool.. Hank, you speak/write in Japanese..

    1. Thanks to Google translate. My Japanese is limited only to 'Sayonara!'


  3. Bravo Hank ... I would love to understand the Japanese ... as a Japanese - I do know how Google Translate works with Italian and believe me sometimes the write is way funny.

  4. I used to understand Japanese, but mostly the spoken language.
    I know what will happen if he goes to Russia.

  5. Milk is good for you! Very humorous, Hank! :)

  6. Milk does a body good lol maybe not in France though.

  7. Milk ? That's a great juxt ! Wow !

  8. Whar a sense of humour you have Hank.
    All I drink is a couple of coffees a day the rest all water.