Friday, August 21, 2015

The Blue Nile blessed with goodness

                                                                                            Artist: Thomas Cole (1828)
Image: Garden of Eden (here)

Note: The Nile thought to be the river Gihon which
once flowed out of the Garden of Eden. There had
been suggestions that the Garden of Eden was once
somewhere in present-day Ethiopia.

Heavens awaited
The Blue Nile blessed with goodness
Flooded plains welcomed
Providence gave helping hand
Fertile soil brought greenery

Ethiopia then
One-time Garden of Eden
Paradise on Earth
Wherefore apples and serpents
Was it climate change or what!

For Chev's hosting at CARPE DIEM #802
- the Blue Nile


  1. I had no idea the Nile was blue. That might explain some of the problems, you know ;)

    Paradise... what is it? Where is it? In our imagination? Hi Hank!

    1. If Paradise is like the painting above, then there is still a lot of it in Ethiopia.


  2. haha climate change caused it all, the real serpent lol or maybe just a big snake

  3. A truly wonderful piece, really vivid thoughts.

  4. Too bad we messed up the Garden of Eden...

  5. Two wonderful tanka Hank. And that painting really looks like the Garden of Eden ... so much beauty.