Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Age of innocence how it belittles

                                                            Attribution: cannedimagination.tumblr.com
Image: Being mortal sporting a bloody nose (here)

APED's Phase Phase #12
If only

If only they knew
Age of innocence how it belittles
A freshie who rides the unknown
Having to transcend state boundaries
To join a new school with hopes
of acceptance by his new classmates
Met with a baptism of fire of the bully
A bloody nose but surviving

If only they realize
In all innocence how the driver
got on the wrong side of the speedster
A slight knick to the car bumper
An altercation ensued as a road rage
episode and bashing with sticks

If only they bother
to know of a better way to settle scores
not by 'whupping' up the new boy in the
class-room or the other guy on the road
the world is better off if they do it in the
ring among fighters fair and square

If only one can
cut out a high-handed stance to a conflict
resolution and to adopt a defensive attitude
so as not to provoke a violent response

For Vinay's APED Phase #12 with  -  if only 
Nekneeraj at MLMM Photo Challenge #74 - mortal and
Marian's The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. If people thought more the world would go round better

  2. Such a powerful & thought provoking poem.
    Well penned!

  3. Those bullies.. they seem to thrive now when school restarts.. sad situation really,

  4. Yes, if only.......great topic, Hank, and points well made.

  5. Provocation, intentions, all wrapped in one red (f*ed) bow, adorning a gift that gives and gives and gives - a curse of worthlessness and pain for all it touches. Such a hard, sad poem, particularly in its zingers of truth.

  6. Hank, I wish they would hire you at the UN. You have the soul of a diplomat, the empathy of every good poet. So true, the "trial by fire" at school, on the side of any road. Bravo. From your pen to God's will... Amelita

  7. violence provoked or unprovoked we need less and less oft it in our daiily lives

    much love...

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  9. Why oh why must we disagree enough to go to war? Sad.

  10. Yes, we need a better solution of problems that doesn't involve violence. You have stated it so well.

  11. This just starts to scratch the surface. Nice. Man, I would never have recognized that abstract photo for what it is without your prompting! I thought it was strawberry sauce on some ice cream. :)