Monday, August 31, 2015

No way I can be volitant in here!

                                                                                       Attribution: Magnus Johansson
Image: Taking a Bath in the Heat (here)

MLMM given words:
volitant (flying or moving about rapidly)
rivulet precarious dull sterile file somber 
embasan (to wear clothes while taking a bath)
soup barley sanatorium

No way I can be volitant in here
Pretty obvious as space is an issue
But my thinking this is not queer
Though no rivulet is running through

Somewhat precarious and wanting
And the water appears dull and sterile
But at least not a file in line waiting
Somber bath rightly embasans in style

Seems in a bowl of soup in delirium
Nothing like good barley water in color
But I am sane and not in a sanatorium
Am just cooling off to cut off the bore

For Amber's hosting at MLMM's 
Wordle #76  with the given words and
Marian's at Real Toads' The Tuesday Platform


  1. A turtle was really the perfect choice for a protagonist here, embasan works well

    Excellent job!


  2. I rather need my space to fly around or move,
    nothing too tight to make me feel like soup. Ha.
    THough I have had turtle soup and its not bad.
    I am not big on waiting in lines either. Ha.

  3. I've always velt sorry for tortoises and turtles. Moving house is bad enough, but taking it with you must be very restricting. Well wordled.

  4. I never tried turtle soup ...... Nice

  5. Turtle soup is not for me. I have no idea whether or not I would like it....I just don't want to eat anything made from these creatures. They are so fun looking and peaceful. He has the original tiny house there.

  6. Very well wordled.. it must be hard to be a turtle, but worst it has to be to become the main dish.

  7. Ow, how sad! I've never had turtle soup...and I have no intention to have it either....Feel sad for these creatures.
    Nicely done, Hank.

  8. Very cool write and I learned new words--but so sad for the turtle!