Tuesday, August 4, 2015

torrid in its outcome and never set to buckle

                                                                                             Attribution: Koshy Koshy
Image: Water made Available to Survive the Heatwave (here)

To be guided and include where possible the words:
cicadas heat sweaty humidity swelter heat wave torrid 
hot spell canicular days heat exhaustion restless nights 
hammock swimming pools iced drinks, sultriness,

Crackling of the high pitched cicadas in the distance
It adds more to the heat from the day accentuating the bother
Harassed by trickling beads of sweaty body warmth
Such is within the high humidity of nights one is to swelter

A heat wave, torrid in its outcome and never set to buckle

Hot spell the normal insistence for canicular days of summer
Heat exhaustion extending its reach beyond the person
Embodies restless nights of tossing and turning but never
to cause consternation of purpose beyond critical moments

Snug within hung hammocks basking with a sparkle

Perhaps splashing in swimming pools is a better option
Worries not to drag down the kiss of lovers' interlude
Iced drinks servings extended leisurely every so often
Sultriness a measure of a loved one's contending moods

To later repair for the nights to dismiss voices that heckle

For kanzensakura's hosting at d'Verse
Poetics: dog days of summer


  1. Given words included excellently, I always put water out for the wildlife at my old apartment, Lovely picture and well written poem.

  2. I really feel the heat in this poem, Hank! But thank goodness for the swimming pools and the iced drinks.

  3. Can always cool down by jumping in a pool, then one can repair what was done due to the heat and exhaustion

  4. Some of the "evil" of the thoughts of the ancient days peeked through this. And the heat - oh how you made me feel the heat. I always keep water out for the critters. We live close to a nice creek but that isn't always conducive for the birds drinking. Thank goodness the dog days will end. Our heat wave isn't showing any signs of buckling. Excellent write on the prompt. Thank you!

  5. Just dive into the pool with an ice drink and I will be happy, even when its very hot ~

  6. my daughter brought a hammock home from bolivia... loved to chill in it on warm summer evenings

  7. I feel sorry for the people having a heatwave in the Middle-East at the moment, especially those who have no pools, rivers or seas to go to for refreshment.

  8. Hank, an excellent take on line length, & the word list. You heated up the trail with some excellent imagery; as you know, my piece tended to exceed prompt parameters, but that's just me.

  9. Good that you used most of the words - and used them to built the intensity of summer as well as how to overcome the same.

  10. This flowed well and the repetition contributed to the whole effect--the almost dizziness of sultry days.

  11. Windows open.. River frogs rhythm bellowing
    songs of Dog Day's humid grassy muck..
    Turn the pillow over.. and over.. and over..
    in hope of Kool relief.. AC finAlly
    comes.. windows close.. frog
    sound forgotten.. until
    i miss them.. and
    finAlly understand
    what i lose
    in bellowing
    of Loving
    in all the hot
    and cool that
    comes in for NOW..:)

  12. You have captured a hot and humid summer day so well.

  13. Oh I am feeling hot just reading this with beads of sweat on my brow....

  14. Beautiful - the way you used the words and built the images...

    "Sultriness a measure of a loved one's contending moods" - I so love this.