Thursday, August 27, 2015

A revelation one dreads!

                                                      Attribution: Albert Eugene Gallatin (1937) 
Image: Untitled composition, oil on canvas (here)

Note: Phylor suggested to weave a tale from
inside the creativity of the artist’s mind. How
does it feel being on the inside looking out?

Sunday Whirligig's given words:
hears, dread, smothers hobbles 
cane wanting, disguise, poem

One hears of the artist's mind
A revelation one dreads
It smothers clear thinking
Hobbles on a cane

That is what it is
Smitten by layers of ideas
All desiring to make an impact
Where clear thinking is found wanting
Confusion reigns

It can disguise itself but futile
Unless the artist gets it out
Onto canvas, paper or whatever
Out of his cluttered mind

It can be splashes of paint
or a classic poem that begets a title
only upon its completion

An easy way out is especially
rampant for the 'impressionists'
with a title as vague as 'Untitled'

That is an artist's mind
Joys of painting and joys of poetry
knows no bounds
Time given the luxury to manifest itself
Creativity is equated to craziness
And a masterpiece is born

Remember van Gogh?

For Sherry's at PU's Mid-week Motif  - joys of poetry
Phylor's hosting at MLMM,Tale Weaver 28: art & artist and
MMT's Sunday Whirligig #22 with given words


  1. God bless you!
    (Catholic blogwalking)

  2. It can be splashes of paint
    or a classic poem that begets a title
    only upon its completion

    Often a work of art attains a title upon its completion as we become aware of its intricate details.. its essence and its true meaning. Well penned :D

  3. Craziness can sure help out a ton with each creative run

  4. Hidden in the art lies a creative mind

  5. I love the hobbling on a cane! I enjoyed reading this poem so much, Hank. Thanks for joining in.

  6. "Creativity is equated to craziness / And a masterpiece is born"...ah...who can deny that....sigh....

  7. "Time given the luxury to manifest itself." This is only one of the lines I love about this poem. You outdid yourself with this one Hank. I love it!

  8. So true that there are parallels between the joys of painting and the joys of poetry! This was an enjoyable read.

  9. We are all perfectly mad and all creators, great job Hank!


  10. Hank this was a thinker and so well written. I really liked it.

  11. Ah .. very nicely done ... and now we know how a masterpiece is created! Great job Hank! Bastet

  12. Ah, lovely comparison! As I both paint and write poems, I appreciated this parallelism a great deal :-)

  13. this is a really interesting piece - using several prompts - but the intensity and feeling are there - great!