Tuesday, August 4, 2015

They came again with serious abundance

                                                                                               Attribution: armalavida
Image: Two Butterflies sipping the Tears of Turtles.
(This "tear-feeding" phenomenon is known as lachryphagy) (here)

APED's given words:
again mystery dad story nothing 
glimpse soul abandoned buy

3WW given words:
filth defiant addicted 

They came again with serious abundance
Enacting a mystery which Dad had often said was
a story nothing short of outright unselfishness
a cooperation to mutually survive

A glimpse of the phenomena tugged at the soul
For abandoned not to filth of human failings
where one was defiant to impose one's wills
on others instead of sharing the excesses which
otherwise were laid to waste.

The powerful addicted to trod over those weak
and deprived who were helpless to the onslaught
Such were the sins of corporations out to strangle
small traders and hoodwink innocent consumers

Would one buy that?

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW #439
Vinay's at APED Prompt #66 Wordle #10 and
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  1. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin Hank

  2. 'Ha!' to the last line. How well you have incorporated the words into this important message.

  3. I like the turn to the sins of the big corporation Hank ~ Its business as usual for the powers that be ~


  4. As a young man I dreamed of social equality (to him according to his need, from him according to his ability), but as the decades dance defiantly past, idealism has been replaced with cynicism. 1% of us own the damn world; the remainder struggle. Not the kind of equity I once dreamed of.

  5. I love the title, and the image, and the message as well. You wouldn't think we'd buy into it, would you?

  6. I enjoyed the way you used the words, Hank. And your message comes through loud and clear.

  7. A very clear message carved from those words.. Let us not be fooled by those big companies.

  8. While we are progressing some humane traits are vanishing. Good post!

  9. They came with serious abundance - this a great line for me... and you develop your message tellingly from there... With Best Wishes Scott

  10. Interesting take on the prompt

  11. You used the given words wonderfully well. We don't want to trust the big bad powers, but yet, they are the food on our tables, the computers through which we communicate, the vehicle we use for travel.....we try but we can't seem to escape. interesting photograph. I googled the phenomenon. Most interesting. hayes Spencer is kanzensakura

  12. What a stunning example of synergy in nature--both turtles and butterflies are among my favorite creatures. If only we humans could be that cooperative and caring. I'd never heard of this before.

  13. Reminded me a little of the hare and the tortoise as well - beautiful image and thank you for introducing me to tear feeding..

  14. Profound, topical, apt, succinctand metaphoric. Wondrous poem!

  15. you've given the prompts power well done

  16. Those last two line tell it how it is - well done Hank

  17. I appreciate you talk about greater social responsibility here. Very well done.

  18. A nice play on words and what an amazingly powerful message at the end :)

  19. hmm missed this one, weird. They sure take over the little guy and crush them.

  20. Ah.. humans.. a conunDrum of
    beating heArts out of balance
    in populations over
    around 150 to 200
    sets of
    in small
    OH.. humans
    in sardine
    cans of millions..
    ALL bets are off
    when evolving
    rules go
    by wayside
    of Nature's balance..:)

    True insanity is getting
    out of balance with Nature...
    Culture.. overALL.. is a
    TwiliGht Zone
    of InsaniTy
    is insane
    and rarely