Friday, August 7, 2015

Frayed a little, yes!

                                                                                               Attribution: Rey Cormeta
Image:  Destruction of the environment through the exploitation 
of sand and gravel for the construction industry (here)

Sunday Whirligig's 12 given words:
asleep floor signal hear soft breath awake 
frayed cord bickering separate beds

APED's 10 given words:
feeling joy intelligent soon lead 
desolate horn still thorn reveal

No more falling asleep on the floor
It takes a few gulps to discern the signal
to hear soft breath lying awake in the night

Frayed a little, yes!
But the cord had been tightened
No more bickering 

Contending siblings all happy
Now in a separate room and separate beds
The thrill of having a roof over their heads
bigger than the crammed illegal dwellings
they were used to before

Such is the clever hand of the developer
The feeling of joy not so much in providing
comforts but in getting big money some
not without unscrupulous means through
'intelligent' manoeuvres with seedy politicians

Not soon enough it will lead to desolate 
destruction of the environment with horns
of destroyed greenery still happening as
thorns to reveal lack of consideration to the
interests of our future generations

For MMT's hosting at Sunday's Whirligig #19
Vinay's APED Prompt #69 Weekend Wordle #10
Grace's at Real Toad's Sunday's Mini Challenge  -  inspired by
Judith Wright's fight to preserve the environment and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #264


  1. So full of truth and wonderfully written.

  2. It takes so little to accept selling out the nature.. Very few can stand up against temptations.., and the less you have the easier it is,,,

  3. There must be a sensible answer but not while developers and politicians play making money out of destroying the environment.

  4. contentment of a few always brings about ruin...nice & timely write so cleverly combining the prompts...

  5. you have highlighted a very important dilemma...people need homes and yet how can we survive without the resources the world provides..we are indeed are own worst enemy

  6. Separate rooms and separate beds are luxuries in many parts of the world. It is always sad to contemplate the suffering of the poor, especially when compared to the lives of the oligarchs.

  7. Seedy politicians always know best
    It must be great feeling blessed

  8. Seems like the seedy politicians know how to buy and scam the people while trying to destroy the environment ~ Sadly it is still a thorny issue ~ Thanks for participating Hank ~


  9. Truthfully written combining your given words made a great read Hank.

  10. We really don't think much about the future sometimes when new developments are planned...sigh.

  11. the human mindset of immediacy is the mindset bent on the destruction of all else. careless, uncaring, selfish is this mindset. well penned


  12. If you are poor you cannot think about the problems of destroying the earth as easily as you think about your lack of anything.

  13. Depressing. What is our future?

  14. We are losing a greater part of our nature - could be becausw of greed. Or could be with noble intentions. A dilemma for future generations.

    A timely write, Hank

  15. seedy politicians..ugh..they are all about themselves they care not about future generations.

    Wow, Hank that is a lot of pompts..well done

  16. Sadly, the words "development" and "progress" seem to matter more than "future" and "survival". Good one, Hank. Thanks for writing to the cause.

  17. You've juxtaposed two social issues here...affordable housing and environmental protection....both deserve attention! Thanks :-)

  18. Greed and the dumb politicians shall screw us over

  19. Temporary "comfort" and profit seem to drive humanity into a future that won't be there for those to come... This one is a fist shaker.

  20. the contentment, is not without its issues, which you also voiced effectively, nice write Hank

    thanks or dropping in at my Sunday Lime today

    much love...

  21. I really liked your take on this....there is no reason we have to destroy our world when we build on it....there can be a balance but we take the cheap way out for the consumer and the most expensive for the earth.

  22. Excellent! You have touched on themes here, that sadly, are more and more becoming the norm - rather than the exception. A very interesting write!

  23. I really like the flow of the lines here. They really keep the reader moving along. Nice.

  24. Distraction is always in the root of progress....will we learn ever to evolve with no side effects? Who knows?

  25. Contrasting the joy of having a home with space and the greed of building those homes for profit made for a great poem.

  26. Yes, yes, yes, Hank, and yes again! People need to be told again and again about the connection between the destruction of our earth to plunder resources and their own demands for comfort, at what cost? You have the gift of preaching without being preachy. Your words help the thoughts evolve... then the feelings. Bravo! Amelita

  27. this is true for some. i can only nod with familiarity as i read through your poem...funny how writings opens our eyes to other lives, other happenings around us. great skills.

  28. Some really important issues brought to awareness by your poem ~ fair housing and preserving the environment. Well done, Hank!