Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The natural thirst for knowledge

                                                                                   Attribution: Spc Paige Behringer
Image: Elementary School student raises her hand with 
a question for a soldier during career day talk (here)

APED given words:
nervous friend lucky often 
done shy sky evenings

The natural thirst for knowledge
Not to be compromised nor gambled
However nervous but to invoke the privilege
A friend to confide when dogged by troubles

Connecting of minds bonding of relationship
Lucky few endeavored when school reopened
Often a tendency done even to outstrip
That of siblings in certain circumstance

Shy ones quickly dispensed with such feelings
Up in the sky motivation to make a good start
Certainly not bogged down of traumatic evenings
Back to school enthusiasm by those who were smart

For Gabriella's hosting at d'Verse, Poetics: back to school and
Vinay's APED Prompt 80 Midweek Wordle #12


  1. the natural thirst for knowledge is often murdered by a school system that focuses too much on knowledge in an out-of-books way... it's sad - i think there would be thousand more possibilities to teach kids all kinds of things in different wayys - it just needs a bit of fantasy

  2. Learning more and more is the way to be, can never stop learning something at each sea

  3. It is so wonderful to experience that natural thirst for knowledge that an excited student has!

  4. I think that thirst is something I have always had, but mindless schoolsystems has been more of barrier than inspiration..

  5. It's great when, as adults, we can approach learning with the enthusiasm of those little ones who are hungry for knowledge.

  6. Ah.. the greaTest thirst for anything in my life has been
    the thirst for feeling.. granted exquisite ones
    from birth but losing them
    to knowledge ways
    of robotic
    cognition being..
    OH the LESSONS
    well for me then..
    THAT less than
    70 standard IQ
    emotional savants
    are beyond measure
    of intelligence for
    and Creating..
    requiring DOING
    of many of
    my less than
    70 IQ
    and mentors..
    And of course
    still major
    success in human
    creativity making
    children loving
    any age
    of being Well IN
    Humanity's NOw..:)

  7. Mixed feeling of new friends - nervousness and smart ones - a place where minds connect.

  8. For some of us the "thirst for knowledge" never ebbs. I support the Zen concept that with each lifetime (& I've had quite a few) we are "in lesson"--& that in a gentle way we transfer some of that past knowledge with each new lifetime.

  9. School is indeed a place where many things are discovered and enjoyed. I believe that most children do thirst for knowledge, at least originally. Sadly later many things get in the way. Some of the strongest bonds can also be forged then. My mother still has contacts with a few high school friends almost six decades after she graduated.

  10. the world would be a paradise if every school encouraged a child's thirst for knowledge which is naturally diverse...schools ought to provide such opportunities to the that photo...

  11. I like the enthusiasm of going back to school, not withstanding sibling rivalry ~