Sunday, August 23, 2015

Of profound power, the easel

                                                                              Attribution: Arnold Eagle
Image:  Photograph of Pat Collins at his easel in 1939 (here)
(Patrick Collins (1911–1994) was one of Ireland's foremost painters)

Of profound power, the easel
A companion, an honor beckoning
on the artist's mind
A sight that goads at the conscience
with motivation to create

(25 words)

Note: Mama Zen on writing of a power image:
A power image is an image that one returns to time after time.  It's part art, part personal mythology, and part creative. It's a thing, it's anything that one imbues with a greater meaning than it would ordinarily have and adopts as a signature symbol

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  1. Can sure bring forth a power to create in those that need to create

  2. With just an easel and his mind, the canvas fills with life.

  3. "on the artist's mind
    A sight"

    I love the sound in this ... the way one line runs into the next, begging for a play date.

  4. For some reason, I kept on hearing this read in Patrick Stewart's voice.

  5. Yes, yes, yes, the easel as partner! My daughter speaks about that all the time, her steady friend on the journey of creation. This was taut, well-written., and evocative. Well done, Hank! Amelita

  6. Ah-ha-ha-ha...blank page brings the same feeling of reproach to the writer. Wittily and honestly done.

  7. A perfect poem describing an easel...I like calling it a companion

  8. Blank canvas like empty page, I expect!