Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Dinner That Wasn't

                                             A Dinner Table At Night 1884 - John Singer Sargent
Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Looks like he's not coming at all!
No, couldn’t be. He was all too happy
in the afternoon. He even reminded me
Yes, he had graciously invited me
‘A dinner if you may?’ and I had relented
Not that I lack dinner invitations
My admirers are aplenty
I’m fairly good looking. Better than most
around  here I see.But why?
Why must he do this to me?

He had been most polite. He chose his words
well. I had a feeling when he called
He wasn’t pushy, nor was I obnoxious
We talked informally, I mean how much you
need to when inviting someone out
Sure, I could  play hard to get
But that was not for us
We’re mature enough to act adults
I thought the evening was made

I told him not to pick me up
As he had to come all the way
and back again. It was more convenient
for my sister to drop me here
I know better now!

There must be some reasons
It is not like him
But how am I to explain to my guest?
I just wonder!

Note: Given Amy's magical touch (Thanks Amy!)

Written for Tess' Mag #129


  1. maybe he got in a car accident?

  2. Many a thing could have happened indeed, and that is when the thoughts run and plant the horrible what if seed.

  3. Good take on this picture. There are so many possibilities.

  4. Yes - very interesting take on the picture! HOpe he shows up~! k.

  5. Nice perspective Hank ~ Hopefully he shows up soon or it would be embarrassing to explain to the guests ~

  6. ugh on being stood up...def not a fun feeling..and leaves one to wonder what to you wait or do you give up....

  7. Good one Hank, yeah, it looks like new sharks are already circling !

  8. HAH! Yes, you have perfectly captured her expression in this piece!

  9. Could be.
    You've captured the worry/anger/embarrassment--in a minute you'll have her pull out her Cell phone and call the hospitals or a taxi . . .

    Very realistic!

  10. there was a loud crash
    outside the grand entrance
    commotion, distraction

    fatal date it was...

    Hah! I see I am one with zongrik!

  11. Lots of possibilities to imagine...I would hate being stood up.

  12. There are so many scenarios as to why he didn't make it...I like how you created a mystery each reader tries to solve...Great take on the photo!

  13. OH, dear.

    Not a good thing.


  14. This is a classic "Shop Around the Corner" moment, as though she had the book with a red rose in it, waiting for a blind date... yet the poem told much more.

    He'd damned well better show up, and with the flat tire IN HIS HAND, ha ha, from your new prompt.

    Finally - there is a bit of syntax mismatching. It's formal until "OK," and some other stuff. If you decide to publish this, Hank, email me a copy and I'll help you edit. That's what friends are for! Peace, Amy

  15. Whata horrible situation, having to make excuses whilst privately worrying. Thank goodess the room was dimly lit to hide her embarrassment.

  16. I'm hoping he had good reason for not showing up.

  17. Sorry I took so long to reply to this. I am working with Windows while I excel at Apple and figuring this out is difficult. Right clicking is helping the navigating process. =D

    I love the soft spoken voice of your poem, Hank. It adds to the atmosphere of worry and excuse making. You have generated a strong feeling of angst that goes with the expression of the art. Well done and thank you for sharing. =D