Friday, August 24, 2012

Salvador Dali

Image: My quickie sketch of  his extended moustache

Long wavy hair, eyes constantly
wide open looking surprised 
Pointed moustache extending beyond
his cheeks, not unlike Fu Manchu
mouth twisted, a measure of talent
Could he be mistaken?

For someone ordinary? No!
Extraordinary? Yes!

His works out of the ordinary
way out, loud and weird
but well chronicled known and accepted
Brought inner satisfaction
to him but consternation
to those around

Melting clocks, somber surroundings
The Persistence of Memory
His most famous painting
In some others elephants
long legged gallivanting
Cannot fault him for insisting
He was way above other beings
The whole gamut of culture
Within his repertoire
Graphics, paintings, architecture
Sculpture, notable quotes, the whole works
Nothing up his sleeves, no tricks
To think he was eccentric!

Shared with Ella's Think Tank Thursday #111 with prompt Salvador Dali  at Poets United  and Victoria's Meeting the Bar at d'Verse with  prompt - writing character


  1. smiles...dali was quite the character...but my could he paint as well.....really like your own sketch as well hank...

  2. Nice sketch Hank ~

    He was quite talented but eccentric character ~

  3. Eccentric indeed would be the word
    Some may find antics absurd
    But then who likes the norm
    Bring on the crazy storm
    Great sketch too
    As always by you

  4. i don't know that much about dali but when reading your poem, thought about the short scene when owen wilson meets him in midnight in paris...they capture his eyes...and they tell whole stories...

  5. Hank,

    You have connected me very well with the character that was Salvador Dali. A very concise and witty bio-poem.
    Your sketch of the moustache is magnificent:)


    Loved your interview with Sherry:)

  6. I like both your sketch of his moustache and also his character in your poetry....

    Meditating for being one with you

  7. HANK!!!!!! That is your sketch???? How did we do a whole interview and me not know you are an artist as well as a poet?????!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!! Anyway, I enjoyed your poem very much, and your sketch even more.

  8. That is a very accomplished portrait, Hank. I mean the drawing, but the poem, of course, adds some meat to the bone. I have that painting(a cheap print!) of the elephants reflected back as swans. What a mind he had! Great choice for a character study.

  9. He was really quite unique and maybe a little eccentric but some of his art work is really fabulous.
    Very nicely crafted Hank.

  10. Great character description of Dali. I love the sketch with focus on that signature moustache!

  11. Nice weaving of the two prompts. Wonderful piece (sketch included).

  12. BRIAN
    Yes,he was! He came away with outstanding paintings and fantastic showmanship. The sketch is a simple one,really. Thanks!

    He was talented certainly and thanks

    Talents abound
    Such qualities
    Rarely found


    Must have been terrific. But I have no inkling of the episode

    Thanks! He was special

    He was a rare breed and thanks!

    Yes,but just a simple one to emphasize the peculiar moustache. Thanks Ma'am!

    Yes, he's way different and he was great.Thanks!

    Yes,agreed and thanks!


    Thanks again!


  13. What is the difference between the artistic accepted eccentric and the certifiably insane? Recognition, fame, awe--tho I would hope if a Dali was in an institution, someone would recognize the vision. I love your sketch and the fact that the mustache has become his symbol out of all the possibilities. Nice write. (Congratulations too on your interview! Nice to get to know you.)

  14. Eccentric is good Hank - living life outside the ordinary.

    Love your words and love your sketch!

    Anna :o]

  15. I love how you captured his vibrancy, his moods~ It was fun to read and see how you captured his quirks :D

  16. What a great character you chose to share. I didn't realize that, in addition to being a word artist, you are also a visual artist. Love micro-sketches...detail in both direction and his moustache surely represents his uniqueness.

  17. I like your "take" on Dali. I would have like to have known him. I bet he was a character and a great drinking companion - running around Paris with Man Ray and Hemingway. Those were heady days!

  18. The moustache catches him perfectly. Love the way you worked in the titles of his paintings.