Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Moment in Time

Image:1 The imposing Abe

This day I stood before him
In awe of the man larger than life
Who espoused rights and equality
And being remembered of his words

Four score and seven years ago……..
…..conceived in Liberty, and dedicated
to the proposition that all men are created equal

His gaze across towards the Monument
Imposing, a sitting position compounding his greatness
Very unlike others standing mostly
Sharing the spectacle again of the glittering moments
Of the changing of the guards on the concourse in front
together with tourists from the world over
( including Hank many years ago)

The Capitol in the distance
The custodian of his ideals and aspirations
The White House his abode to his left direction
(not this particular one I would think)
But still his, until that fateful day in the theater

Image:2 The simple Bob Kennedy's grave where a small flame was kept burning at the plaque in the fore ground. This recent Google image doesn't show the flame anymore.

The spirit of the 2-minute Gettysburg address
For fallen heroes was still with us
At Arlington, where an eternal flame
Flickered in the slight breeze
Of another fallen son
Marking Robert’s resting place

Image:3 The Museum of Modern Art, so unique a structure
(Picture Credit: All From Google Images)

A sojourn in DC would not be complete
Without a peek at the Museum of Modern Art
Where the  building itself was poetry
A marked difference from the staid Smithsonian
And other Museums across from the White House

Written for Brian's Poetics at d'Verse for some historical happenings


  1. I would love to see that statue of Lincoln. I bet it is quite striking. Touching memories and, write Hank.

  2. Thanks for showing us your view of D.C--too often here we view it with disdain, because of the corrupt politicians, but I remember my first trip there(at a young age) and how impressed I was with Lincoln's presence on those steps, and also, loved the Smithsonian. Enjoyed the share, Hank.

  3. I would love to visit the place someday Hank ~ He looks mighty imposing sitting from that view ~

  4. very cool...i like your quick tour of DC in is interesting hope lincoln is sitting as opposed to many other statues....and arlington, a still place for share man....

  5. Great images - moving memories - I really enjoyed your take on the prompt

  6. Great images - moving memories - I really enjoyed your take on the prompt

  7. Lincoln was an imposing figure in many ways..a great recognition of him in your words. Have always enjoyed my visits to DC and have yet to put a dent in all there is to see and do there.

  8. Thank you for the historical tour of Washington, Hank. I never fail to be impressed by the Lincoln Memorial. Why the flame is not lit at Kennedy's grave, I wonder. Your love of this country is evident throughout. Peace, Amy

  9. Your poem evokes the experience I had standing near him too. I have been to the US capital many times, but my favorite tour of the city is still in the amazing film "Mr.Smith goes to Washington."

  10. Ah, the Lincoln Memorial fills me with awe. We humans stand so 'small' beside it, don't we? I am glad that you had an opportunity to see these places through your eyes!

  11. great..thanks for the tour around D.C. - would love to visit someday

  12. Quite the trip to dc
    Never seen by me
    Lincoln sitting down
    Watching out over town
    Unlike the rest
    Must make him think he's the best

  13. there's so much to see
    in Washington DC

    and it means something else to each of us

    events cocatenated

  14. Yes, Lincoln's Memorial is awe-striking. Thank you for showing us your DC.