Monday, August 27, 2012


Picture Credit: From Public Domain Images (Cats and Kittens) here

A cat generally is quite a friend
Just need to stroke below its neck
It'll purr and stretch to no end
It'll  brush your legs or lie on its back
It’s clean no wet tongues like a doggie
Anytime it is for a kitty

But wait you got to still clean up
Sieving through the sand
To stomach all the muck
For the love of a friend
A regular wash to avoid ticks
Clean hygiene uppermost
Then have fun with playful tricks
Never to regret to play host

Written for Real Toads in Open Link Monday


  1. Oh, those much to be done to have them...they're pretty special though if one has time for them. :)

  2. Uncle Hank,
    Am guessing that this poem is specially dedicated to me. Oooohhh....and EID MUBARAK to you and yours. Har har har *poetic laughs*

  3. Even friends require some maintenance, tho maybe not as smelly as a cat's. You are right to give up regret! Fun poem.

  4. I think Pat will love this post ~

    We never had a kitty though I agree a lot of time is needed to care for them ~

  5. Ah, so sweet to write about the love of cats!

  6. Yeah they can be a burden at times and cost some dimes, but in the end they surely make quite the friend who will be there always at your lair.

  7. Nice poem, Hank. I am thinking it is written from a pet owner's view and that you probably have a pet, probably a cat.

    I'm in the air about "Open Link Monday' for today (haven't decided about entering). Things are piling up here.

  8. Indeed cats (and dogs) are work, but they give back much so much that the 'work' is worth it...and there are no more loyal friends.

  9. smiles...we have two cats...and they are maintenance but they do give back in love....nice...we trained ours to poop outside too so no clean up here...

  10. As I read this, my hand stroked the cat lounging on my lap. They are indeed good friends, and totally worth the effort.

  11. hmm... I think no one here has horses. Now THEY take a lot of maintenance. Five minutes a day for a cat is NOT a chore, believe me :)

  12. Pets! Worth the work if you are an animal lover! Fun poem.

  13. Hank, the picture is a ringer for our now-gone cat, Gable. He was a pain to take care of, and much more of a joy... he never licked us, but he showed love in all sorts of ways. I am a cat AND dog person but have always kept cats, so this is my cup of tea! Amy