Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's Not Summer

 Image:1 My son Azhar enjoying the sun on the beach

Image:2 A sanguine view of the hot equatorial sun blazing swathes of rays over hot sands

Image:3 A solemn sunset is a must but hid away by dark clouds

The sun beats down hard
Lines of sweat down the cheeks
Trickling at many places to the neck
The T-shirt is all wet as if caught in a dreadful shower
It’s hot, it’s sweaty akin to summer
So we are told.

We have summer here all year round
Can you beat that!  You get more than just a tan
This is the equatorial lands
Is it the same experience of a summer that you have
in temperate lands?

It is hot and bright
It beats down the skin
Gives sunburn blisters
It gets all sweaty

No, it’s not. It’s all that but…
Humidity lends a hand

It seems like summer all year round
But it is not, if not for humidity which is close to 80%

Let's see again,
Just like summer
Hot like summer
All year round but

We would rather have just a day of snow flakes
Yearning for the impossible, silly!

Written for K's at d'Verse anything akin to summer and Poets United's Poetry Pantry #111


  1. nice pic of your son hank..and yep, i guess if you're having summer all year round, it loses some of the magic and i sure understand the longing for some snow flakes..would love to be able to send you some in winter..smiles

  2. Yes, we forget that seasons like light can be so different from where you stand

  3. Wow, Hank! For me it truly would be hard to have that kind of summer year around. We've had a hot summer here, but extreme heat accompanied by high humidity only lasts for a time. You DO need to visit a temperate climate some winter. I wonder if you would like it!

  4. nice...when we lived in florida we had the constant seasons...spring and yes tan year round...

  5. First lovely pictures of your son and beach.

    Ooh humidity. I think life is just lived differently in a climate like that - has to develop differently. So interesting to read about it. Thanks much. k.

  6. Blah to humidity, having it all year around would be a pain, but snow sucks! I'd rather have summer all year around.

  7. Hot and humid all year -- I'd go out of my mind. I'm not a fan of humidity. Hopefully, you have built up a tolerance to it -- or at least coping. Our summers in Southern California are very hot, but also dry.

  8. At least here in Atlantic Canada we do 'still' have the four seasons. I would wish winter didn't last for quite so long and wasn't anywhere near as cold but, I'll send you some snow when it falls in winter Hank. :)
    I could not live anywhere where it was that sticky hot heat all year round. Great pics and lovely post!

  9. Very close and uncomfortable sometimes, it feels, from the poem and pics, but I know there are also rewards to that long summer--look at all the marvelous things you grow--and with moisture, you get life. But I think it's part of human nature to long for what we don;t have. ;_) Very nice share, Hank.

  10. Ah, Hank...I'd love to be able to bottle up some snow and send it your way, but, to be honest, we escape to get to the California desert during our winter. When you get older, cold just isn't friendly any more (although there is such beauty in newly fallen snow).

  11. summer all year round is one thing, summer all year round at the beach, well, what could be better?

    street rubbish

  12. Wonderful picture of your son. Not being a fan of high humidity I do not envy you your "endless summer"--though I am jealous of your beach! Thank you.

  13. I love the tropics! But I live in the sub-tropics where we do have winters, albeit briefly.

  14. A moderate temp all year would be cool, but I admit I do love the changing seasons........however, humans are rarely happy with their weather, I find. Canadians especially, we talk about it every day! hee hee.

  15. i live in the desert so we have the heat, but not the humidity {except for during the monsoon.}

    i must admit that i spend most all of summers here indoors with the air conditioning on. {smile}

  16. Hank, loved the picture of your son, what a cute young man. I've lived in tropical climes, including Puerto Rico, and I couldn't do it again. Heat plus humidity equals Cranky Amy. And you know how cranky my BLOG is... imagine Lex having to put up with that woman 24/7, ha ha. I wish you cooling breezes and a bit of a dry spell... lovely write. Amy

  17. Hank,

    Really lovely photos of your son....
    However, summer here in England has been most disappointing this year. A few days of pleasant dry warmth and heat which was lovely. Other days of high temperatures, but dreadul humidity....At least winter can be managed!!!