Friday, August 17, 2012

An Angler's Luck

Image:1 Hank with two of the spoils, not quite biggies but ok for fun's sake.

Laid back feeling miserable
Lazy stupor crying out loud
The quietness is unbearable
Designs of landing a wallop
Far from grappling with big shouts
Resolved to fate hoping to fight
Divine intervention is allowed
An angler waits for the big bite

A huitain where a rhyme scheme of a b a b b c b c and of an 8 to 10 syllables are taken as guides provided by Gemma

Written for Gay's presentation of Gemma's huitain at d'Verse in Forms For All 


  1. An interesting topic! An angler does sometimes hope for the miracle of landing the big one!

  2. We are always waiting for the big bite ~ But it looks like you had fun ~

    Nice form Hank ~

  3. worked the form well man...ha...the waiting...been there...the fish will come or they wont but there is always the waiting...smiles...flows really nice too hank...

  4. I hope you get that big bite soon Hank!

    Anna :o]

  5. Waiting and waiting can annoy me
    Especailly as the flies surround
    Hate those things at my sea
    Too many are surely found

  6. This flows really well and was a fun read.

  7. I'm glad you got a bit of divine intervention, Hank. Most of the fishermen I know like the waiting part, though. Maybe it's the anticipation of the big one that might just bite this time.

  8. Fishing is a test of patience for sure...I like what you did with the form, Hank..very the photo too..cute...

  9. This is genius in making the contradictions work! The inner quiet fighting the inner need well expressed here in a beautiful application of the form!

  10. Yes, the waiting. But as in the song; Lazybones from ages ago, sometimes it is the silence and the time to just be we want. Fishing is the name we give it while we hope they do not bite. However, I would be happy to catch and eat those two.

  11. Very sweet poem and well done with the form! k.

  12. This is a great photo of you.
    Fun poem. Ha ..boys and there fishing stories.Well done.

  13. very nicely done. Some really fun and well-built lines here. Excellent read. Thanks