Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Artists,Poets and Philosophers

Reflecting and in somber mood
Nonchalantly unchallenged
The object of their wrath
Bared for the asking
Welcomed them with open arms
There were times of despair in their life
Where things just didn’t click.
But the ups and downs made it
all the more interesting
They embraced adversity 
It offered them a challenge
They were not the only ones
who had to suffer.
No moments of regret
Life had not been fair
Neglected at their prime
But friends offered hope
They found solace in numbers

Once they had a toe hold they went in with gusto
armed to the teeth, brushes paints 
rollers and permanent markers
There  were artists and poets among them
and philosophers in their own odd ways
There was a thin line separating wit and obscenity
No moments of regret, it would be fun
Celebrating diversity, it had come a long way
On the street,subway and bathroom walls
Graffiti galore!

Image: Subway graffiti in London
Picture Credit: Public Domain Pictures.net (here) with notation
'Royalty free stock photos. All pictures are free for commercial and personal use'

Written for Poets United Vice-Versa #13 with antonyms: object/welcome,despair/hope & embrace/neglect and d'Verse OpenLinkNights week #59


  1. Like your overview very much. An under-appreciated race!

  2. ..we will find community if we want and in that great things can happen...the street art community is pretty cool...not the taggers necessarily but the real artists....i know a few of them...

  3. DAVE
    I've often marveled at the quality of art we find on walls. They are as good as murals but better. They're spiced with wit.

    Yes, apparently they are talented and are trained in art. We dispense with the wayward youth bent on vandalism. The graffiti artist normally has a message and comes up with good products.


  4. I like the idea of adversity offering them a challenge! They definitely made the most of it. They are real artists indeed, practicing their art where they can. Perhaps even someday their names will be known and their works fully appreciated. Who knows. A nice write, Hank.

  5. Graffiti is really neat
    And can be qutie the treat
    As they work as one
    To get something done
    As long as it's not on someones property and such
    Let them up touch
    And spray the cement away
    Making quite the display

  6. I think some street art is absolutely fabulous and so underrated because it is street art. I love the difference and diversity in each of us too Hank. If we all thought and did the same things we'd be very boring clones of each other and there would be no spark of life which fires the passion in us all.
    Lovely piece.

  7. "They found solace in numbers" Oh how true, how true indeed!

  8. Ahhh, I love this poem and art to go with! You are a true unique being, Hank and a credit to this planet. Not to leave out other planets where there may be gardens for us too, that is...

    I've seen some amazing grafitti, and I agree there are true artists among them, bringing us all closer together.


  9. They embraced adversity
    It offered them a challenge
    They were not the only ones
    who had to suffer.

    Loved this!

  10. I agree about the under-appreciated race... artists of all genres often are unappreciated, especially if their work isn't considered commercially viable. Your poem made me think about how much I appreciate the on-line poetry community I'm recently discovering. Thank you! BTW, I enjoyed your interview on Life of a Poet.

  11. Very nice ending lines Hank ~ I like the embrace of diversity and showcasing their art, graffiti galore ~

  12. I find it very hopeful that in the midst of urban blight, poverty and ugliness, still people make their own art, their own poetry, because it feeds them in ways just food cannot. A lovely poem, Hank.

  13. Really good descriptions here. Really like how you highlighted words in the first half, all emphasizing tone. Excellent job. Thanks

  14. they are characters.. full of all shades of life..
    expressions lovely as ever hank :)

  15. Hank, I love the last stanza of this. It holds hope for all of us. Excellent write.


  16. This is great. The first two verses leave me with such a clear picture. Then things get obsure for a moment...What might the object of their wrath be? Is it that no one cared enough to challenge their minds--the core of their art, poetry, and philosphy. That no one cared enough to push them beyong their limits. I love it.

  17. i think embracing adversity and finding new ways, friends and art is a great thing...graffiti is way cool if well done..all kind of street art - also street musicians