Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Human Conflicts

Image:1 Human aggression was long in fashion
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Profiles of courage
Begotten of heroics 
in wartime exploits 

Pitting man against
man with fire power where
killing is virtuous

Is it true wherein
morality,rights,wrongs are
yet to reconcile

Human conflicts, means
to justify aggression
used extensively

What is life worth, snuffed,
ostensibly for freedom
but full of deceit

Shared with Jenn's Sensational Haiku Wednesday #163 with prompt -courage- and d'Verse OpenLinkNights week #56


  1. there's a long lists of battles that we fought during history...some of them useless, some of them important to live in freedom.. i have some historical heroes as well that fought a good fight, not to put themselves into a good light but to fight for their folk and families to make it possible to live a better life.. still many questions unanswered and it's good to ask them...

  2. So many challenging questions embedded in these haiku! War is a terrible scenario, but sometimes the reason makes us wonder if it is right or wrong.

  3. My first visit and enjoyed the posts. Your poetry is expressed beautifully.

    Nice to know you like golf :)

    Cheers! Dilip

  4. This is very powerful. More so because transparently honest. Excellent work.

  5. we have certainly had our share of battles...i still struggle with it being the only is def good to ask questions.....

  6. dramatic and stirring! nice work.

  7. Human aggression has existed for decades. Sad that it results in battles rather than other solutions being found. Deep subject here, Hank.

  8. Yeah been around forever
    And humans think they are clever
    Not much need of it now
    But still around some how

  9. Powerful message here ~ well penned haiku ~ very contemplative ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Ini dah jauh sangat untuk saya memahami. Pada hal beberapa orang memberi pujian tentang haiku ini. Apa serbenrnya haiku pun saya tak tahu. Go on Hank as your progress in this phenomenal.

  11. A very impressive Haiku! Thought provoking! :)

  12. Wow, Hank, you nailed it. Important topic and you state it so clearly here.

  13. Winston Churchill said that WWI was 'the war to end all wars'....what happened?

  14. So very true, Hank. You nailed it. And thanks very much for your kind and thoughtful comment at my place.

  15. This senryu set posits the "why" of ever going to war. No clue why WWI was fought, don't think anyone does. In my life it's been ongoing..paying contractors, the machine, the bureaucracy and the population of the pentagon billions..and chewing up young men and now women in worthless efforts. Only WWII made any sense..with crazy ruthless and empowered people who've become what Hitler became, one had no choice...survival required the sacrifices of the world. What followed was bound to be devastating - whichever side won.

  16. I would sum up your observations something like this: Courage is not always what it seems.

    Courage in the Walls

  17. Powerful final stanza/question. And no good answer. Thank you.

  18. Hank, this is bold and strong, spoken from the heart. War is indeed human folly.

  19. "... morality, rights, wrongs are
    yet to reconcile"

    Well spoken. Nice work!