Friday, August 17, 2012

Jungle Green

 Image:1 We were dressed in jungle green uniforms even in the classroom. Hank, the cheeky one facing the camera in the centre

Image:2  Hank in jungle kit. This was how we dressed on jungle assignments for our 'campings' and expeditions
Image:3 Hank at age 15 dressed in greens. We were not issued firearms but we learned about them. On occasions we experienced target practice at the .22 (indoor) or the .303 (outdoor) firing range.

Military kind
A unique institution
Disciplined bearing

School days in greens, had
rifles and machine-guns** as
‘toys’ on Saturdays

Process Notes: I was in the Royal Military College as a student from age 15 till 19 before entering the University. We had normal classes on week-days and military training on Saturdays.
** it was the LMG (light machine guns)

Written for Leo’s Haiku Heights # 158 with green as a prompt 


  1. Interesting take on the prompt! And yes.. very impressive!!!

    Green memories come alive!

  2. I love these photos.Your life sounds very interesting. Enjoyed
    Rall (not Rallen grrrrrr)

  3. Very good take on the prompt. Like the unexpected direction you took!

    Thanks! Those were the days long ago.

    Sorry, didn't realize it. Noted and thanks!

    Thanks! Green had always been jungle green to me. It struck the chord immediately.


  5. What an interesting and exciting teenage you had. Nice haiku.

  6. intersting how life changes....we go from toys to real and the stakes pics of you man...

  7. I suppose if nothing else it teaches much needed discipline Hank. So many kids these days don't seem to have any self control at all anymore.
    Great smile :)

  8. I sense you don't approve of the way green became military for you, with its idea of kindness and appropriate playthings. The Haiku are powerful as are the pictures. They hit me hard.

  9. Wow, you had quite the life indeed, must have been very interesting to say the least.

  10. Nice background of the haiku :-)

  11. nice..thanks for sharing a bit of your history with us hank

  12. 'Tis a kind of green I don't think would wear well on me, but it seems to have agreed with cheeky you!

    Not a Wisp of Green

  13. Hello Hank, a different kind of green and time I find here! well done haiku to capture these important images from your youth. Thank you for sharing them and your words with us!

  14. My god, how old ARE you??!! (lol)

  15. Nice pictures, Hank. Thanks for sharing a different sort of green memory with us.

  16. i do love this... you brought me back memory lane... ahhh.... LOL!..

    Pareng JJ

  17. Sounds like a fun prompt, Hank. You did well with it. I though for a minute that I might follow you but won't do it. I will do OSI for tomorrow when I write again.

    Thank you for peeking in on my GC. She is a neat kid already, here it to her future, thank you for the toast.

  18. I came by for a second read, didnt comment yesterday as was so busy. Love these interesting background, kiddo.

  19. Strange how the term "the greens" is associated with the military. Often wondered why "jungle greens" has been a term adopted world wide when the military are not necessarily active in jungle areas. Interesting take on the prompt and fascinating photos!

  20. A very different take on the prompt..enjoyed reading it..

    n thanks a lot for leaving your footprints on my blog..keep doing it

  21. A different green insight.
    Dangerous "toys" you played with.
    Interesting pics.

  22. I enjoyed your pictures Hank ~

    Thanks for sharing this part of your life ~ Interestingly, we also had military training and how I hated it :-(