Monday, August 6, 2012


 Image:1 If you risk taking a shortcut you may get stuck in the mud. You get angry in the process

Image:2 It's apparent many risk taking shortcuts even before.

Picture credit: from Google images

May all start as fun
Taken as a challenge but
a joke gone awry

I know a shortcut!
Yes! heard many times before
Many took it through

May be pressed for time
A real emergency that
prompts a risk taker

Impatience result
in dire consequences
Men just never learn

Note: Given Amy's magical touch (Thanks Amy!) 

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  1. And yet, we do it again and again.... lol

    Really deep. (like the mud?)
    You can think on this excellent write all day........


  2. short cuts...we all want to get there faster but often those short cuts really do mess us the long run...

  3. Short cuts great :-) Nicely done Kaykuala. Wonderful pic's and really back to basic. Chapeau!

  4. yup.short cuts are seductive hell-raisers.

  5. Yeah they surely are more of a hinderance than a help and make many yelp.

  6. Haha...sometimes short cuts we take end up not being so short after all eh.
    Nicely said Hank :)

  7. Made me laugh.
    My children call their father's shortcuts 'longcuts.'
    I liked the brevity of your words in this poem, sort of reflects the idea of 'short.'

  8. I like it, Hank. Same theme as mine (Jim's OSI). Don't get lost, now.
    BTW, I didn't see you signed in on the OSI Mr. Linky. Others there would like to read this.

  9. Good stuff, Hank. No way can we really learn from the mistakes of others, even from photographs of cars stuck in the long-ago mud.
    A proven shortcut can be a blessing, but the promise of a new shortcut can be a trap.

  10. A shortcut may end up to the longer way home ~ Good one Hank ~

  11. Great fun, as usual. Stafford and you should get together!

    Covers rule 1 of Haiku. Need to delve deeper for kigo and meaning, Sir Hank.

  12. Ha! So often those proposed shortcuts turn out not to be shortcuts at all! This poem speaks truth.

  13. well crafted poem ~ about a nation in a hurry ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  14. How fun! For some reason this just reminds me of my son. :-)

  15. Hank, love the "throwback" pix, made it all the more true!

    I hate that phrase: "I know a shortcut..." Whether it's computers or cars, I always end up in the Boonies...

    Last line, is that "Men" instead of "Man"? Just a thought... you know me.

    Great write, man. Amy

  16. Always take the longer cut. It's quicker!

  17. Very beautiful poem..showing dark side of shortcuts...Good one!

  18. hahaha.....most of my shortcuts end up in dead ends or cul-de-sacs....

  19. Those short cuts interfere with the idea that it is the journey not the destination. Well done and well lotted out.