Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Sporting Spirit

                                                                Big Room 1948 by Andrew Wyeth
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

An emptiness,a journey’s end
A stellar performance was expected
A talented group assembled
Much effort was made to ensure
The good of each to strengthen
For their own glory basking with enthusiasm
But where have they gone?

Not many months ago this room was full
Standing room only many waiting by the door
Hoping to be led in to be accepted
In a select group of celebrated persons
A frenzy whipped up of untold madness
For a group of athletes with a sense of purpose
But where have they gone?

They were made to understand then
And the message was drummed in
In fulfillment of the aspirations of many
On the shoulders of the selected few
There was no mistaking the intents
The hopes clearly enthused
But where have they gone?

The will of winning was not invoked
The elusive gold medal slipped through!

Written for Tess' Magpie #132


  1. ha...a whole lot of action and then left with an emptiness...i like the olympic touch as i imagine after it just feels rather empty after being so packed...

  2. Our only gold medal is being celebrated at the Toronto Zoo today, Hank..... not an arena you would expect to find sport. Love your poem and the idea that Wyeth's painting reminded you of abandoned sports venues and elusive medals. Thanks for sharing this. I love the haunting words, "But where have they gone?"

  3. I like the contrast between the overcrowded room as it was compared with the emptiness now... leaves an eerie feeling.

  4. Actually your poem reminded me of the Chinese athletes who worked so hard for the nation's aspirations. If they don't bring the gold though, its not good enough, they are ignored ~ Enjoyed the visit Hank ~

  5. well done and thanks for sharing your words

  6. Nice piece, Hank. I enjoyed it :)

  7. I like the Olympic twist here...yes so very empty now...

  8. So close yet so far
    A slip into the tar
    Just because of a shiny gold
    They can't join the fold

  9. Perfect! Empty, then you filled and filled and filled it! But it remained empty. What a loss.

  10. What was, is and might have been... the eternally elusive. Enjoyed this very much.

  11. I also enjoyed the Olympic replay! We are having a parade here in Bend on September 23 for 'our boy Ashton Eaton' who won the Decathlon Gold!!!

  12. Oh dear, I can feel the disappointment seeping through the very walls of the empty room.

  13. Thanks for one last taste of the Olympics. I liked your scenario. Well done.


  14. Yes, the aftermath of a big event (Olympics, for example--clever, that) leaves a huge emptiness. You have caught that feeling well. Thank you.

  15. Clever twist here and where have they all gone?

    Anna :o]

  16. A frenzy whipped up of untold this line...interesting take on the prompt!

  17. Yes, the silence can be seen as well as not heard, I'm sure. I bet London has a bit of the "fee" to it. :)