Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hotel guest no less - a Haibun

                                                                                        Attribution: Alex Zelenko
Image: An Adorable Feline (here)

How to bridge the divide now playing mischievously in both our minds.
My wife refused to own up but her asthmatic self rebelled not wanting
to  accept. I had nothing against her much less her mother I admired her
respect  for her mother but pitied her. We eventually bridged the gap. She
would not be subjected to any asthmatic sniffings anymore. For the duration
of her mother's travels overseas, we  would look after her mother's pussy-cat
as agreed. But for my loving wife's sake we'll send it over to the Pet Hotel
without her mother's knowledge

Love sustained through some
genuine thoughts for a cute cat
Hotel guest no less

For Grace's at d'Verse's Haibun Monday #24


  1. The art of compromise bridges cat dispute. Very interesting solutions.

  2. There is always a way, just don't tell sometimes lol

  3. I am smiling here Hank ~ Good to bridge that gap when both of you have differences. Nice that you both agreed on the solution :-)

  4. Best to keep the peace at home. Breathing is important!

  5. Ha.. yes why tell if the cat doesn't object

  6. Wonderful reflection. The background is a plus

  7. Most enjoyable to read Hank. As already said solved to perfection.

  8. I quite enjoyed this as its closely related to real life problems, Hank :) Beautifully executed.