Thursday, November 10, 2016

He had come this far

                                                                                 Author: Martin Falbisoner
Image: A path opens up ahead (here)

He had come this far
Gone through the blazes
Sought to allay his fears
But he was still troubled
A refuge playing on his mind
What could he do then
Grappling in the dark?

He had come this far
Declined to be led astray
Perceived as a destroyer
But he meant no harm!
A path opened up he thought
He looked into the distance
Through misty eyes he sobbed
Forget her, she was gone!

He had come this far
A lighted path he dared
More in life he mused!
Forget her, gems were there
Waiting but waiting!

For Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  path


  1. Sometimes you have to keep on the chosen path no matter what

  2. I love the photo, and the point of view of the moose. What a beauty he is!

  3. It is good to have a lighted path.

  4. In the lines there's a sense of moving on and looking forward to...nicely done Hank...

  5. This one tugs at the heart-strings a bit!

  6. Moving composition. Some of us have a path

  7. To work through loss and discover new paths is quite an endeavor. Beautiful and moving That dear is gorgeous