Friday, November 11, 2016

But there was a sudden weather change

                                                                                 Attribution: my frilly freudian slip
Image: Privet's Farm (here)

Privet’s Farm, isolated from other farms sat exposed to the 
It held its own in trite isolation
'It is my insistence, you hear me' he bellowed.
Workers helped out barely a few weeks ago but many left literally for
greener pastures. A sudden weather change made it considerably
warmer. The greenery withered. He could not stop them. He did not
call them to work there in the first place
'They came on their own. They stumbled in here. The luscious orange
grove then attracted them' he added. The workers were happily
entrenched, family and all for two seasons. They decided to go!
'The workers were discouraged from staying on!' he said 'and left on 
their own accord'
Privet took the cue and decided he too was not about to pursue his
farming days anymore. Perhaps he would sell the farm to seek his
fortune in the city.
(147 words)

Note: picture prompt above was provided with
an opening sentence and we are to finish the story
using an additional 100 to 150 words.

For MLMM's  - finish off friday's (FoF) #1


  1. Perhaps a change is as good as a rest as the saying goess.
    Great read.

  2. Each life has its obstacles indeed

  3. Good one Hank, I like where you took this and sadly many farmers have done just that, packed up and moved to the city...

  4. Hank: My friend 'my frilly freudian slip' is unable to post comments on blogspot but she has asked me to pass this comment on to you:
    "Thanks for participating.
    Well done! Privet's farm actually became a winery. But a great nod to climate change and off-farm migration."

    1. 1.Thanks for helping out, Michael! 2.A winery would be a good alternative!