Saturday, November 5, 2016

spluttering of excuses to ward off blame

                                                   Attribution: National Archives and Records Administration 
Image: Look Back in Anger (here)

porous in thoughts allowing archaic ideas
but not willing or able to prevent a wrangle
that can unleash its strength on unfounded fears
obsessed in sporadic trauma that strangles

spluttering of excuses to ward off blame
wading through the mush with slow steps
obstinately unflinching but outwardly lame
obsessed with unflagging resolve so adept

how to thaw a hard-headed soul unwilling
with tirades of niceties, that just bounce off
a thick skin without any such guilt contending
likely to be a blameworthy lot hard to absolve

For Sanaa's Prompt NightsObsession 
continually fills or troubles the mind - #34


  1. Whistles!!❤️💖this is absolutely exquisite writing, Hank. I agree one can not do much to persuade someone whose "a hard-headed soul unwilling with tirades of niceties" love your use of tone and diction here. Beautifully rendered. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️💖

    Lots of love,

  2. Being a young boy brought up in wartime I still have vivid memories of fear and need, as bombs fell and there were shortages everywhere. It must have been so much worse for orphans during such conflicts yet we still see it today on our TV screens see the lack of hope on young faces.

    1. Yes Robin. One can see the sense of loss in their faces, none with a smile. True enough a pre-war pic, yet it is reminiscent of the Syrian refugee children barely a few months ago who fled from their homelands and landed on European soils. A pity!


  3. This is one of your better works. Excellent, my friend.
    The picture does speak volumes.

  4. Yes, we all have deep thoughts as this horrid election draws near

  5. War has no winners and the poor kids suffer a lot indeed, hard to smile about anything in that situation.

  6. this is a unique take on the prompt & yes the photo speaks volumes...

  7. Very powerful poem of the horror inflicted without the feeling of guilt.
    The last stanza makes you feel very powerless by the words "that bounce of their thick skin" and sad. Very well written!

  8. Powerfully written. I have experienced may sides of your insight

  9. This is such a powerful and well written piece. How sad, children robbed of their youth. And the last stanza paints a scary picture - a hard-headed soul.

  10. A powerful poem Hank - makes me think in whatever arena people have power but never accept responsibility

  11. Your first stanza in is a poem in itself. It tells such a profound story, weaved with a tone that reads like a shield... against the possibility of careless porousness.

  12. wishing peace in the midst of torture, thanks for this share

    much love...

  13. "spluttering of excuses to ward off blame" This is so true of offenders of this type. What harm is done in the mistaken name of necessity. Well written and taken to heart,,,