Sunday, November 6, 2016

A security threat in the Reno crowd

                                                                                                 Author: VectorOpenStock
Image: The Contenders (here)

the 12 given words:
grab bless lose race red conceal 
stump lock vote blue stick burn

Note: With words like vote race lose
Hank is goaded to continue with the
saga of the race for the Presidency
despite having written 2 in recent
days (here) (here)

DT 'rushed off stage' so read the headlines
A security threat in the Reno crowd
Was grabbed and bundled off. Bless them!
The American public was not about

To lose a likely winner in the Presidential race
Presidential hopefuls on red alert could not conceal
Their jitters for at this late hour the pace
Was heightened that stumped many to feel

The campaign was locked in a tight squeeze
The sanctity of the votes was being put to test
As many diehards were expected to tease
Their allegiance to now favor DT at HC's behest

Blue in the face for, to stick to their conscience
was burning hot inside but it had to be done!

For Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #327 and
Brenda's  Sunday Whirl Wordle #273


  1. Ha, for people so pro-gun, they were pretty freaked out at the thought of one.

  2. Blue in the face for to stick to their conscience
    was burning hot inside but it had to be done!

    Such powerful closing lines!

  3. The gun nuts sure took a running when one supposedly appeared.

  4. A relevant poem for the day!

  5. Perfect!
    One more day and the nonsense is over.

  6. "Blue in the face" pretty well sums up some aspects of this presidential race!

  7. whoa! You nailed the theme on this one! Well done.

  8. The sense of panic in the election is terrifying... I wonder if I can sleep at all tonight

  9. From an outsider from far off one acted like an Ass and the other stomped about like an Elephant so it must have been a hard choice for some.