Wednesday, November 23, 2016

They gave furtive glances

                                                                         Attribution: The Library of Virginia (1956)
Image: Teens' Swinging Time (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
furtive church, swinging kids weirdness smell dabbing
liturgy (to which public religious worship is conducted)
coughs valves heads

3WW with words:
oaf nauseating 
machismo (masculinity macho)


They gave furtive glances quiet as a church mouse
They were in for a swinging time it would be fun
But being kids they could even be seen like an oaf
A weirdness to hide their lacking of experience

Had signed up to add to the crowd for a tea-dance
Somewhat nauseating getting a whiff of cheap perfume
Trying to smell good they appeared walking in a trance
Been dabbing them all over a machismo they assumed

Not to a liturgy to be seen but still gave little coughs
To mask lack of confidence and more so to get attention
Process of growing up opened up the valves of laughs
To make heads turn acting as adults hungry for acceptance

Thomg's 3WW #507
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day #3  -  acceptance


  1. I remember those times, and you describe it well. Seeking acceptance is something familiar to all of us, young and old alike. Thanks for joining in,


  2. Faking it until one makes it, that is what comes with youth indeed

  3. The image goes well with your words :)