Thursday, November 3, 2016

It is now coming to a head, November the eighth

                                                                                                 Author: DonkeyHotey
Image: Mr or Ma'am President come Nov 09? (here)

12 of given 13 words:
look lightly go novel forgive God 
cause force toss annoy enemy money

It is now coming to a head, November the eighth
They look furtively tip-toe lightly to go with a bang!
When victory is assured a novel idea is to forgive
Not to be for the swing states' hold cannot withstand
God forbid cause for concern for victory is uncertain

Alternative is to force the issue and toss the challenge
The FBI controversy a shock but surprising no longer
Disregard and annoy the enemy at these closing stages
The electoral college leads as revealed by the hour
To be a better indication of the current mood of voters

HC's lead has plummeted according to poll averages while
Prospective DT's voters more enthusiastic to cast their votes
Not about money but the scenario significantly changed overall
Reminiscent of the Florida situation when it was too close to call

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  1. It is a nailbiter. I hope my girl, Hillary pulls it out. What bothers me the most is evidently much of the English speaking world is having these issues. Too much money made from fundraising drives the insanity in the United States. The fanatics chunk money to their candidate after each wave of controversy.
    This was a hard one for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads". I look forward to reading the entries.

  2. Sigh. Well done, Hank. No matter who wins, things are going to be nasty for some time, I fear.

  3. Sometimes I the majority is right and sometimes it is a rabble

  4. I can hardly bear what is happening here...

  5. Can you believe this is really happening?

  6. Hopefully the American folks will choose the best candidate ~

  7. always best to choose the lesser evil in an election...well put Hank...

  8. Hopefully they are wise, even though both of them are full of lies

  9. You did well here, Hank. Those words all meshed very well but I only wanted three, and I made it. Puff, puff.
    Election wise, my take is a split Congess and Pres. That would mean another four years of 'Do Nothing' government. I do think it would not be good for our Supreme Court to get real hard right conservative, that is why I voted for Hillapry. Besides, I have always admired her. She stands tall through all the messes. She may start the mess but her adversaries make mountains of HORSE MANURE out of her mole hills.

  10. I'm all amazed at how you craft given words; another well done Hank

    much love...

  11. Good job here, Hank. I only wish I did not have to see or hear either one of them again.

  12. I hope whoever wins the it is NOT to close to call - I don't want to go through that again!

  13. Well done! I can't wait for it all to be over with so we can move on to better times! I'm being very optimistic here!

  14. Nicely done. Perhaps the most frightening election in US history.

  15. unfortunately, we now know which way it went.

    thanks for adding your voice, Hank ~