Tuesday, November 22, 2016

She gingerly cupped the bowl in her tiny hands

                                                                                 Attribution Source: Slrlounge.com
Image: Fish Bowl on the Move (here)

She gingerly cupped the bowl in her tiny hands
Barely able to hold it safely in between sobs
She profusely uttered all of her sincere thanks
For the purchase to the Uncle she so adored

She had come face to face and was swayed
With the then forlorn-looking little 'Nemo'
Which in no time was given a home to stay
Instead of an old aquarium in one corner

Now outgrown in size Nemo had been a dare
If only it could be led around safely on a leash
they could then explore the outdoors as a pair
Despite the downside Nemo still got her wish!

MLMM's Photo Challenge #140
For Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  the tuesday platform


  1. Happy for him to get out... but maybe he will prefer the sea in the end...

  2. There is something magical about the picture and the opening lines of your poem convey the joy of the gift. Sadly, pets may be neglected as children grow up.

  3. What a fabulous take on that image!

  4. Lovely response Hank...so nicely done..

  5. A little ride gave Nemo some fun as one