Monday, October 31, 2016

Would have been an easy fix to wrap up

                                                                                             Attribution: Diego Delso
Image: I'm Looking! Been Watching all the Time (here)

11 of 12 given words:
wrap certain glance adverse seam 
drouk (to wet thoroughly, to drench)
eschatology (concerning final matters)
bedraggle (To make limp and soiled.)
debris film deceive 

Would have been an easy fix to wrap up for certain
And now it's ostensibly coming to a head at a glance
With most seemed to be unduly frightful of the demon
And were rooting for a first-time female President

But the FBI saw it fit to create an adverse story
Would probably tear apart the fabric at the seams
Drouked the whole episode to result in an eschatology
Bedraggled the campaign just days before polling

A damning 65,000 question at its most critical point
Just days away to reboot the 'illegal' email question
And the latest, 34% might not want a female occupant
in the Oval Office, a big number by any account

The debris still falling in a most vicious campaign
Blew it wide open on what could be in the balance
Rejuvenated D.T. filmed lately being overly confident
Not having to deceive whom might yet be triumphant

For MLMM's Wordle #127 and
Marian's at Real Toad's -  the tuesday platform


  1. I don't really understand politics service to say when we had our first woman Prime Minister it didn't go down very well....they were right too.
    Great way of putting a topical subject over Hank.

  2. This is truly excellent, the way you have crafted the 2016 US elections

    Happy you linked in at Monday WRites

    Much love...

  3. That does about sum up this year's election.
    The bird is innocent though.

  4. Yep, sure going at each other still as both try and one up each other to get on that hill.

  5. What a world. Can you believe it's really happening?

    well, Happy Halloween

  6. Nice political poem, Hank. You are good too at using all or most all of the words. I've been sort of not writing this last week, we needed to do some visa work that was pretty hard, harder than the China and Russia ones we had done earlier.
    I have said that Clinton while still first lady, again when in the Congress, and now, that she has plenty of experience and good judgement to be president. I say now, and have been saying it since this all started here, that I would vote for her even if she was in prison. I would hope that before she took office that Obama would pardon her.
    I may post tomorrow but all of our travel ordeals still are not over.

    1. Thanks Dr Jim! Yes, the situation is dicey. May even be critical. The email episodes are all after the fact.They are indiscretions morally wrong unless something specific can be pinned on her. What is important is what comes after.And most would rather not gamble on DT. Worst if in his deliberations he thinks like a businessman and not as a political appointee which might be disastrous for political stability and relationships. Diplomacy needs time to nurture. Alternatively he should have experienced advisors. Good luck on your visa matters.


  7. Nice to read the poem on such matters and it makes the subject interesting and more easy to understand.

  8. I am impressed with how seamlessly you used the words. I also love that you used a current topic and that you handled it with class. I am not living in the USA anymore but I am so worried about this election. I really fear for America right now.


    1. That seemed to be the general feeling. Incriminating episodes afflicting both in the initial stages made many jittery. The dust settled largely for HC until the 'new evidence of 65,000' emails blew the lid over. Now both seemed head to head and it could even end up with a 'too close to tell'


  9. Ugh. The most recent "revelations" might have made my head explode if that hadn't happened already.

  10. Words can't express how discombobulated this year's elections have become. You have wrapped our heads around it skillfully here. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well - if she hadn't erased or used an illegal server - HC wouldn't be in this position - she brought it all on herself and others have been convicted for far less. Time will tell - both choices are equally difficult to take for different reasons... But USA will be fine as we have a built in balance - or so I hope. Next time, everyone needs to take the primary voting for party candidates seriously!

  12. I actually think she has been scrutinized more than any politician alive... yes there are some things less well thought of, but who's perfect. The alternative is so much worse... and there are more things to be found... alas I fear what will happen...

  13. Although (the world over) politics are a dirty business, I must admit that I don't understand the razzmatazz of American politics at all.

    Sitting as I do, on the other side of the pond. jeez, I don't know I want to win. Both candidates scare the hell out of me...

    Anna :o]