Saturday, October 1, 2016

Why must freedom to move be curtailed?

                                                                         Attribution: Luc Viatour /
Image: Freedom to move (here)

Ironically the void seems to be suffocating
Why must freedom to move be curtailed
The surge to create space is most appealing
If only the reasons delimiting will not fail

Repent and not to provoke a reaction
Profusion of good feelings not subject to sanction
Under no pretext on reflection
That good intentions be abandoned 
(55 words)

For Kerry's Flash 55 at Real Toads
Mary's at PU's  Poetry Pantry #322


  1. The surge to create space...that is a powerful image.

  2. these questions must be asked, if we are to remind ourselves of the simplicity and precision of nature in her creating

    much love...

  3. Having space to run sure is more fun than being cooped up

  4. "The surge to create space" love this...

  5. Intriguing thoughts here, Hank. Happy Mondsy!

  6. Why, indeed... It seems we consume space at the same speed we devour the future and our freedom to do... better.

  7. Very nice, Mary. It got me thinking, can we really "create space?" From what? How about recycled waste? Old cars?

  8. ...just watch a child confined for a bit... they seek out space so they can MOVE... they carve it out from somewhere..

  9. We all need that freedom, every one of us.

  10. As the wild things keep moving into the neighborhoods to reclaim their space I can hear them asking your questions.

  11. Everyone needs space...not just humans.

  12. there are academic theories about how borders create tension, and these last vestiges of our feudal past will be swept away.

    and if you're a multinational corporation - they already have been ~

  13. What happened to your newer posts?