Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tinge of regret clouding his mind - a Quadrille

                                                            Artist: Jacob Isaaksz (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Image: Wheatfields (here)
(clouds in art -  oil on canvas)

Tinge of regret clouding his mind
Tugging menacingly at his conscience
Preferred basking on cloud nine
Rapport with souls without recriminations

Hungrily ravenous to undo the slight
Rationale not sustaining previous doubts
Reconciliation a good word to bite
Soothing apology always a way out
(44 words)

For Kim881 at d'Verse  -  a Quadrille
#18 and to include the word  'cloud' 


  1. I could envisage that 'tinge of regret' as a bruise-like colour, similar to the clouds in the image. I like the way the phrase: 'Rapport with souls without recriminations' trips of the tongue - I had to say it a couple of times! And then 'Reconciliation a good word to bite'!

  2. I suppose we all get a tinge of regret in our lives, I know I have. Wonderfully put over Hank.

  3. Sometimes an apology works, as long as it isn't hollow

  4. Sometimes an apology is all that's needed.

  5. this is packed with energy and emotion. sort of like a stormy sky.

  6. Wonderful work with flow and rhyme, especially given the constraints of the Quadrille. Regret as a cloud--indeed.

  7. I always wonder if apology is enough... but given in sincereness it could work...

  8. Apologies, if sincere are good but still the damage is there just scarred over.

  9. As long as it is an honest apology, it will be felt.

  10. Gayle Walters RoseOctober 12, 2016 at 6:35 PM

    I always feel that too many apologies add up to a lot of hurt that went before. The real trick is to conduct yourself where apologies are a rare thing. Nice, Hank!

    Gayle ~

  11. Apology may be best, if sincerely offered Hank ~

  12. A sincere apology heals. :-)