Sunday, October 16, 2016

In quick flashes a mimic of a trapeze artiste

                                                                     Attribution: Foto von Hydro bei Wikipedi
Image: Wakeboarding Flipping Over (here)

the 12 given words:
fade kick flip limit  flash mimic 
state insulate spin rim line park

Wakeboarding was developed from a combination of water skiing,
snowboarding, and surfing techniques. A rider can go towards and 
up the wake and launching himself into the air. This can also be done 
by riding up a kicker (a jump) and throwing backflips as a show
Using a smaller wakeboard will make the wakeboard feel lighter, 
and spin faster. Some boards are specifically designed for cable parks
                                                                                        - Wikipedia

Water-skiing seems pale in comparison
Now faded, wakeboarding a logical extension
Riding up a kicker and throwing back-flips
Tests the limits of a show jumper at the deep

In quick flashes a mimic of a trapeze artiste
In a state of frenzy a spectacle hard to resist
Without a net but insulated by the water expanse
A spill spells no danger in any event

With smaller and lighter wakeboard to spin faster
Avoiding rims of the jumps to spare from danger
Move off the line, you old fashioned water-skiers!
Now specifically designed for cable parks'  'fliers'

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #270 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #324


  1. Yes - think I will stick to a gentle walk on the beach with the water quietly lapping our toes - good luck if you take the plunge Hank!

  2. Perhaps I'll try that when I get younger. Like Jae above I'll stick to tottering along the beach but with a stick!

  3. Probably break a leg or two if I tried that at my zoo

  4. What an interesting sport, Hank! Never heard of it. Looks pretty energetic....smiles.

  5. I bet they can twist high. In my younger days, I might have tried that.

  6. Fun to watch. Even though I love the water I would not do this. :)

  7. youth is daring so adventure will always be more and more exciting

    nice write

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard

    much love...

  8. Monday WRites 79 is live

    you are invited to link in

    much love...

  9. Maybe it's about the toys even more than acrobatics...

  10. Haha--displacing the old timers? You make it sound exciting.

  11. Now that's an adrenelin rush, no doubt. Have a good day

  12. I don't think I could do that, but enjoyed your berse all the same.

  13. It looks like so much fun, and you recreated it so vividly I could see it all as if real. However, I'll remain a spectator, lol.