Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blurred in vision zooming past

                                                                                                            Artist: Juan Gris
Image: Frutero y periódico (fruit bowl and newspaper) (here)

Five ways of Looking at Speed

Flashing fast right in
front of the eyes
Blurred in vision zooming past
to the accompaniment of
noise and smoke
The excitement of an F1 racing

Just as fun on the tracks
Taking corners at high speed
But overtaking without consideration
Putting risks to the winds
Potential road-rage adherent
Potential subsequent statistics
Of mangled wreckage left burning
on the highway

elegant lady of fashion
strutting confidently with a stiletto high
alluring gait a pleasure to gaze at
but a disaster if chased by a raging bull
a mugger or hand-bag snatcher
very unlike one with padded sneakers

long-distance truck driver
with ten mouths to feed back home
chasing for as many round trips
contending to garner as much payment
for an honest job on the highway
sleepy at the wheel
danger to himself and other road users

bright-eyed dancing away
till wee hours of the night
having fun with lively company
out on fun trips of pleasure at leisure
to the beach or skating rinks
or just the normal movies
late in submission of assignments
of students these days
copy and paste hoping to outwit
their learned lecturers and mentors

For Bjorn's at d'Verse's MTB  -  as a cubist poet


  1. Speed sure goes in many ways. Yep, so much copy and paste thinking they'll get away with it too.

  2. There's excitement in that racing in sports but not fun when in danger to others~ The last one made me smile - well these teachers are also smart too ~

  3. Excellent poem. One of your best I have read.

  4. Oh I think the copy paste doesn't work... Sometimes there are no ways to go fast..

  5. Wonderful variations of speed Hank. Most enlighening.

  6. I don't know how women walk in those high heels, let alone run.

  7. Simply gorgeous, Hank :D especially love "bright-eyed dancing away
    till wee hours of the night having fun with lively company out on fun trips of pleasure at leisure" Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  8. I was particularly touched by the truck driver stanza, as I have a friend who is one. Wonderful.

  9. Great job of portraying speed in such vastly different contexts!