Monday, October 10, 2016

corrupt minds with ideas of decadence

                                                                                                  Attribution: xlibber
Image: A Cygnet Gliding in the Waters (here)

12 given words
adrift  inexplicable bandage corrupt 
frailty (moral weakness yielding to temptation)
cygnet (a young swan)
embody  emergency lessen grey  
vitrify (to convert into glass)
fennel (a plant of the parsley family)

adrift in inexplicable circumstances
bandaged ego had fallen from grace
corrupt minds with ideas of decadence
if only had care taken to get some space

the frailty of reliance left to be seen
like a cygnet of innocence leisurely glide
to embody principles held dear within
not to be vitrified but just a little slight

in the meantime as in an emergency
feeding on common fennel with reluctance
it helped lessen an issue which got so touchy
which was acceptable but grey in sentiments

For MLMM's Wordle #124, October and
Kerry's The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. "adrift in inexplicable circumstances
    bandaged ego had fallen from grace
    corrupt minds with ideas of decadence
    if only had care taken to get some space" or grace?

    Your usual worthy work

  2. I love the cygnet. This poem makes me think of my young self, so eager to have someone accept her that she put herself into bad circumstances. People said she was "bad," but she wasn't really. She was just lost.

    Cie from

  3. Cloudia captured the exact lines I was going to highlight Hank, gorgeous.


  4. That bandaged ego, is no fun, I feel the pain of your poem's persona

    Have a blessed day

    Much love...

  5. Amazing use of the given words -- lovely in vocabulary & subject -- of course, also sad & a bit painful. Alas, that is poetry -- beautifully wrought. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I always wondered why cygnets were considered ugly ducklings.
    Thanks for sharing, Hank.

  7. Love the cygnets... and yes they are far from ugly.. just like Kerry said.

  8. A poen of excellence Hank. The given words cleverly interwoven.

  9. I'm with Kerry and Bjorn, I still don't understand why cygnets are considered ugly. Then again, there is so much most of us can understand about the way others view the world. So strange that we look at the same things, and rarely see the same... or see at all.

  10. Each have their own way of looking, giving some an ugly booking.

  11. Nice Hank, philosophical? It is all cleverly put together, but my favorite idea is that of "the frailty of reliance."

  12. you have worked that list of words exceptionally. this poem gives one lots to think about.

  13. Loved your choice of words in the use of the cue words. Great poem.