Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The contention of being the first - a Haibun

                                                                                       Attribution: Sue Allen
Image: The Narrow Road Ahead (here)

The Prose
Heeding a call trending now in many quarters. Manifesting itself in
discoveries unintended. Is there a right of the human mind of venturing
blindly on its own momentum without recourse of turning back? Set
on a pretext of pursuing a profusion of slogan-bearing tantrums one is
to go forward. That seems to be outwardly the seismic rave So what of it
that holds the attention of the adventure seekers then

Looking down the narrow road yonder can only tickle the excited self.
Expounding theories of what lies an exercise in anticipation of a
ravenous desire for the restless soul. It is not to be distracted by the varied
activities on both sides of the divide. It is not a futility of purpose but to focus
untiringly of a dogged nature brushing aside obstacles or objections. Will it
typify the pioneering spirits of the early settlers to the New World that brought
a frenzy of rivalry among nations? It seems likely so! There will be an opposing
force likely to impose its will. It is fanning a beginning of wanting to whirl
within a mysterious playground. It is in the hope of soliciting some semblance
 of a sobering success. There is the pull off in breaking the ice. There is the
contention of being the first. Therein lies the satisfaction of being in front of
everybody else in a triumphant stance

The Tanka
Twisted smile showing
Desire set in motion
Calling excitement
Wherefore the fork in the road
Pick of excitement prevails
(250 words)

MLMM's for Chev's Haibun of not
exceeding 250 words  -  the narrow road north
Grace's for Kelly's at d'Verse  - first things first


  1. The many ways one can go to get #1, some may leave you last though, depending on which way you go.

  2. I like the tanka, especially. A form favorite of mine.

  3. For some it's the satisfaction of being first... for other it's to have competed well... yet the road has both a beginning and an end.

  4. The contention of being the first... I love all that implies. So many forks in this life, so little time... and so much to ponder in this piece. Well done!

  5. Well told. Expressed like one who has been there

  6. Yes, we all want to be that -to be first~

  7. To travel the road less traveled, make your own path.

  8. Like the style as vagabond spirit traveling in your words...Wow!

  9. I think that the way you travel these many ways is entirely up to yourself. I have foumd it you feel sorry for yourself others don't want to know. In short life is what you make it. Great words Hank.