Sunday, April 17, 2016

They set their sights to be the best

                                                                                  Attribution: Alessandro Petersen
Image: The Exhilaration of Victory (here)

P for Perseverance in ABC of Sports

Sunday Whirl's 12 given words:
first lost sights forget stretch shell 
left rattle rest old hole feathers 

Sportsmen are a special breed
First and foremost interest in particular
sports are not lost on them to excel

They set their sights to be the best and
forget little distractions or disappointments
They stretch themselves to their utmost
pushing themselves out of the shell

They are left with no alternatives but to persevere

That should rattle the rest of the field  
Old rivals holed up in their comfort zone
are not of concern

A true champion will go beyond in his
bid for excellence with the designated feathers
in his cap to announce his stature at all times

A to Z Challenge
For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #247


  1. Great word and a great post Hank.

  2. A wonderful poem, Hank! We need some more true champions in the world.

  3. Yes - it requires a particular kind of strength and determination beyond the physical

  4. To be the best, you do have to stretch.

  5. Hiya Hank .. handsomely handled ... in fact, perfect prosody and wonderous wordeling! ;-) Bastet

  6. You have to get everything in and keep on a practicing to be the best.

  7. Great poem! (Still a day ahead of the rest of us in the challenge! :) )

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  8. set our sights to be the best yes Hank, Hank this is where I want to be, to blog at Aishah, when you get the chance please visit because I am not sure if my blog release to the Public was successful or not, thank you Hank

    1. sorry to have disturbed you, I love blogging but maybe it is not meant to be anymore, in syaa Allah I will email my name card and we'll keep in touch in the real world

  9. I like your dedication and the A to Z challenge but also how you incorporate those wordle words in there, too!